Okay, mommy drive, it don’t hit max length bombers, a Lamborghini veneno. Can I try mommy? Thank you. Whoopsie yeah, drifting, drifting skills, drifting and spinning. Oh yeah, oh no! Oh good! Oh good, okay, yeah wow! This is so fun. I can do this all day, Wow so much fun! Yeah yeah! Oh, my goodness! I flashed the Lamborghini haha mommy! Oh, my goodness, you hit the Batmobile. Oh, you hit the Bugatti WiMAX lane. Oh, he wants to cuddle cuddle cuddle time. What do you say? Mommy it’s nice, a nice hot and sexy lamborghini, gallardo Wow mommy. I want to buy one. I mean a real one. I mean that’s a toy. I want to get a real one mommy can we afford it now too much money too much money, yeah too much yeah, okay, boy drive it teaching mommy nice eh boy. I want to see it up. Close nice bottom part: okay, yeah. What happened mummy you didn’t, lock it properly mommy that’s, why? Okay, the back the engine, nice Wow! Look at this hot vehicles: a Jeep nice another Jeep, a jeep wrangler rubicon, oh yeah, Larrin, 90 Arlo, the food dinosaur and yes, Lamborghini, a bugatti, veyron cool, a Nissan Skyline Ford, Mustang, GP, Dodge Viper and always forward. Can you see it? Okay, wait there you go a Ford Mustang, a classic Ford, Mustang yep it’s, an RC and a Bugatti to Bugattis haha. I say: Wow a 110 scale: lamborghini gallardo RC by my stock tank Wow, nice color, mommy orange, an orange Lamborghini, so awesome mommy, a lamborghini gallardo by Channel mommy.

Everything is included, the batteries and the charger nice. The back of the box. Okay, oops wait: okay, Lamborghini official licensed product nice it’s, a full functional, see folks yep full function. It can go forward, left right and reverse okay, okey dokey RTR, ready to run okay, you up on boxes, huh, huh, you’re, holding the C source. You want unbox. It now yeah a Lamborghini Gallardo yeah orange nice, one worst mummy Marx Lenin. Where is mommy Raya? Oh there. She is hello good morning, my Maria. How are you this morning all right all right? Well, mommy! You know what to do. He’S excited marks Lane is excited. He’S always excited okay, guys there you go boy there. You go back: slim nice collar, mummy, nice and shiny. I, like the paint scheme, nice instructions. Okay, all right, nice wheels, look at the wheels mommy, so awesome right, very hot wheels. Yeah, I see the engine nicey nicey, the controller, the charger two double A batteries point the controller and the rechargeable battery for the car itself. Yeah boy, okay, mommy! Do it unbox the exotic car, you might say, wait mommy’s doing it. Yeah, an Italian exotic racing car or sport, car Lamborghini, Gallardo, okay, wow it’s, so hot and sexy sexy car marksman, oh my I’m, in love with it. I love it marksman, so hot and sexy, and on trouser wow you like it my slim yeah for sure yeah. I love Boogedy Gallardo, the charger yeah yeah, Wow mice, topic, yeah; okay, boy, all yours, all, yours, all, yours, okay, two double a batteries for don’t roller, okay, mami close it can.

I see the on troller, okay, Lamborghini, a Lamborghini Gallardo and Aventador, an orange and white Lamborghini yeah boy beebeep beebeep beebeep, which one is faster: the orange one or the white one, the Gallardo or the Aventador. Well, I think it depends on the driver, mommy beep it’s, not about the car mommy it’s about the driver. Do you agree all right to hot looking Lamborghinis Aventador Gallardo yeah, the white one is yours: Marc slim said we beep yeah it dances, beebeep, beebeep, beebeep, baby boy, vp, baby boy, lamborghini gallardo, an orange lamborghini gallardo, driven by marshland baby boy, Butchie toe baby Godzilla baby. He likes it yeah, he loves toy cars, mummy and trains. Boy, cars and trains are much less favorites very nice eh. What? What? What do you see? Oh yeah toy train, yeah, yeah. What you see a lot of toys yeah? What almost Mickey Mouse you have a lot of toys max Lin yeah, oh my let’s put but Arena let’s put battery Mike slim and drive it. Give it to mommy, give the car to mommy. Oh smart baby. He knows he wants to drive it he’s, holding the controller. Now, okay, boy mommy will put the battery here: mommy, yeah, okay, mommy, okay, just connect it yes, yeah or the other way there. You go. Okay: okay, put the hover back it’s on now: Wow yeah boy, yeah, smart. He knows how to drive yeah the headlights light up, yeah, smart baby, so smart yeah, yeah, yeah, Lavie chevy, corvette stingray, another Lamborghini yeah, smart, smart baby, yes mark boy wow! This is so fun.

I can do this all day, Wow so much fun. Yeah yeah! Oh, my goodness.