5 channel infrared remote control helicopter with built in gyroscope. This is many in seven and a half inches long. It has a metal body. It comes with a remote control, so you can charge it through going down this compartment there’s a wire in here that can connect to your helicopter there’s. Another options charge. It comes with a USB cable, so you can plug the yellow part into the computer, and this part into the helicopter to charge this remote control uses six double a batteries which would be located in the back compartment. So this joystick right here on the left, is to control up and down this joystick on the right is to control forwards, backwards, left and right. We got the onoff button. This one right here is just ABC it’s, four different channels. You can control three helicopters with one remote control, so this is basically for syncing. This right here is the button for the trimmer, so now we’re going to test the helicopter, and we recommend you to do this when you first get your toy, so you know that it’s in good working condition, so first you’re going to have to turn on your Remote control and then you turn on your helicopter and now hold it firmly, not too tight, not too loose and hold it away from you, because the blades are going to spin. So now you can remove the joystick on the left side just a little bit. Oh, you know that is working there.

So now you’re gon na move your right joystick, either up or down. So you see that the rear motor is moving right there, and so, if you move it left, you’ll feel it rotate in your hand, a little bit and the same thing when you move it to the right. So when that happens, it means that it’s in good working condition. So that means that you’re ready to really play with it. Now we are going to sing three helicopters to one remote control, Curtis to another remote control and then turn on the helicopter. So now that see change it to the channel turn on the other helicopter, your back seat, change to different channel and turn on that. How come and now that’s, eight all right. Now all three member states to one you look at all this button right here is the trimmer, and so you would adjust this accordingly. It cuz I’ll cut them spins. I want to stop spinning so when the dead that you guys found you ready to fly so now is balanced. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you practice your landing, so you can minimize crashes. Then practice makes perfect, so just be patient with it. If you switch your channel on your remote control such do, you control a different dose often and, as you are flying it, you will notice that it’s really stable, very durable, easy to control. Friends, really hi.