This thing it’s as fast as the cars that drive on the road i’m so excited to drive this and today we’re also going to be testing its speed, it’s maneuverability, and how well it handles so here we have it. The whole car right here, it’s kind of big and here is the skin of the car. It does come with stickers, but those are not mandatory, and here we have these little clip things which clip the rc car on like so you just got ta put the skin on, you could actually change out the skin. It just has to be for this specific car, and here you have the skin on, and here you have the clip and then you just slide it right into that hole. Then it stays on i’ve already tinkered around with this thing, seeing how it works and everything, and here there’s some velcro that keeps the battery in here’s the battery so kind of a big battery, and then you just have to clip this part into this part. So i’m gon na put that back in there right now, because after this we’re gon na be test driving, it and everyone make sure to leave a big fat like and subscribe here’s the battery – and here is the charger, and for this you do also need a Charging box like so you plug that in and see here this this little part on the back. You do clip it right in there and then you plug it in somewhere.

I don’t know where you plug it into an outlet. Here is the remote it’s one of these this this is to go right and left. This thing obviously, is turnable because it’s kind of like a steering wheel and up here you have like options, they’re, slow right here and then normal, which is really fast. I’M. I’M. Not kidding this is this thing is so fast, and here you like trigger the trigger this way to make it go forward, and then this way to make it go back in reverse, oh by the way, i also forgot to mention this right here is the button To turn on the rc car, as you can see, this thing is just so cool it’s, so cool. This spoiler right here is removable, so you just have to screw it on with the screwdriver. So you know what i did here: i’ve actually strapped a gopro on with tape and with the gopro app i’m, actually going to be seeing what the gopro is seeing. So now that i got the rc car and the remote it’s time to get to it test driving so now we’re going to be test driving. It start off slow, that’s, pretty fast for slow it’s good to see normal ready. Three two one Applause. So now, we’re gon na go to the gopro app Music. This product was a really good product and its maneuverability and speed was awesome. I love the whole thing, except.

I think the gopro had a little glitch, see what it says. Uh caution please read before use this product is for heavy duty war and it’s, not for kids.