It even said today it wasn’t gon na be here until monday, so we got pleasantly surprised. My next pulled in and brought us the truck and it’s super cute. I can’t wait. Oh excited, yes tell the story about it. What about it, where i saw it yeah at the hobby shop. I saw this kid have one he was getting new tires on it. I’M like what is that and they they actually still made them, and i ordered one so these are so cute in real life. They’Re cute, i can’t wait to see it out of the box i’m, not for sure the paint job on it. I thought for sure the whole thing was metal, but i think it’s plastic at the top, but it is so cute. Oh my god, it’s bigger than that kids. I think it looks bigger it’s, the second one. It has to be the same one, but it looks bigger. What do you think wyatt here’s scissors Music? I think mine only had two tires attached. Didn’T it yeah. Oh, i got the same or is this yours? No that’s the same one. This is cute: oh it’s, so adorable that is super cool, oh, like it uh huh love it. Oh look at that. Look at this! Why look at it Music? Oh! This is cute. Oh look at that nice interior. Look at this! Look at this. How do you open yeah these? That is cute yep? What does it have in here? Oh motor thanks, wyatt that’s cute.

Oh, look at the back windows. It’S got a couple of side ones, that’s cute. I like it. I love it. Let’S drive it.