He is hand delivering us truck delivering us a new vehicle Music Music, all right, pretty exciting new, offering right, rc four wheel drive with their reputation all their licensing, all their their parts. Uh theyre joining theyre joining the fun with this 124 scale trail finder, 2 mojave, which is really a an early toyota pickup in size it its about the same. This is a very axial scx 24, but notice a big difference. Aside from this, having a hard body – and this being lexan is the tires – are very big on this – not realistic, but over here its a kind of a class one style which is stick with the scale, stick with realism, so thats. What you get here is a realistic crawler size where the windows, everything the the tires, are in proportion to what you have in real life. So 170 bucks for this it comes with you – know: a hard body attached by velcro, 2 cell, so 7, 7.4 volts or or 8.4 volts when fully charged realistic, axles, everything four link, suspension, front and rear. So well do some running video and then, if you hang on till the end ill, let you know about some of the details, the pros the cons and who this vehicle is for Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. All right, i hope you enjoyed that running video, pretty good huh, not too bad, not too bad for a hard body.

Uh small scale crawler, especially with these tiny tires. So you know heres your radio and yours heres your steering pretty fast your speed and one thing they did when uh in the box, its uh, they already packed, you know, ordered it packaged it from overseas and when it came they they found a couple things. They could address. One was the velcro was too weak, so they put some extra thick, more powerful velcro in the packaging that you can install yourself. Also, they put a motor that has more torque and more speed. To give this thing a little bit more capability, all right so pros and cons. The body they chose to go with is near and dear to most, every one of us at toyota pickup, the predecessor of the tacoma and its very cool, the fact that its hard body, even better super cool uh. Another pro is the tires: uh in wheels is true to scale uh. The the sh 24s have a one inch, and most vehicles have a one inch this, but thats a little too big for scale, so they went with a 0.7 inch. You know its a. It looks like a plastic bead, lock super realistic. The tire tread 2 is very realistic. Four link suspension is quite capable, uh servo is nice and fast and lets see lets open. It up look for some more pros of this vehicle, so the 7.4 for 7.2 volt lithium ion battery is in the back uh good weight distribution.

Despite that – and you know it gives you a lot of runtime a nice fast servo, so you know pretty cool. Pretty simple layout very realistic axles. Another pro is, the chassis is super stiff. I dont know what they did, but theyre definitely using a thicker material for the chassis. So you know its built for built to withstand more stuff uh. Now we get to the con side. I would say the the biggest attractor for me is the the radio is not that awesome its, so big and kind of old, looking very plasticky feel uh no foam and very hard to you. Cant even reach it with with your thumb. So a lot of crawlers. Now, micro crawlers have these small radios a lot more handy. You dont need them that big anyway, just enough to fit your hand, you dont need tremendous range, and you want. You know a more a more tactile feel so another con, i would say, is the body it its its cool, but velcro mounted. Velcro is just not as good as some swivel mounts. You know they, even when theyre sticky, the the velcro does peel off. So it is a pain. The the detail is not quite there on this body and and the paint and its not really painted. I think its just the the the plastic itself is impregnated with impregnated uh embedded with paint um, but so its not quite that deep red that were used to, but with a all the decals that they have it looks pretty attractive.

So con would be that theres. No lights included, you know most of the micro crawlers uh mini corals that i have have lights included, so i know theres light buckets, but they should have had that. Uh included that in the package, hopefully in the future, well see that. But there you go. You know not uh, not the world beater, but i think its a great first effort from rc4 wheel, drive um, you know quite scale and its a great great addition to our micro crawling fun right. You know what better news than to have.