Is the rc four wheel drive galande autobiography limited edition? This is a vehicle that jason left the store. He did not want me to get. He says that is not what i’m after and then i came home and i ordered what i wanted and then he’s like let’s go back and get that one. So we have two unboxings to do this week because he he didn’t want the one he got. So he likes this one, never really paid attention much to this truck, but after i saw it and then came home and watched some videos of it, i really started to watch it it’s, not even red it’s, like a rust it’s like a rusty red. Oh man, that’s nice that’s, pretty. I thought it was gon na be red red, wow that’s. Pretty that surprised me does it have stuff he gon na cut Applause. Oh i love the color. I should have brought the side cuts up, but this will work super cool. I love it. Oh my god, i can’t wait to touch it the door’s open. Then that means oh neat, it’s bro, because the plastic’s in there it won’t shine there’s a lot of stuff taped shut. Look at the hood it’s taped shut there’s, no people inside of there let’s put a person in there there’s place for a person, man that paint that fish is that’s. My favorite i can’t wait to see what’s under there. Is there one on the back too? Is there a door on the back, oh Music, i like, when trucks, have doors that open.

Why do little tracks doors open? Oh see, they all want to make their trucks like this. This is more normal, not fake the seats in the back actually fold down. Oh no way, oh my god, it opens this door just kind of closes here’s, the is it. What do you mean it kind of closes? Oh, it just pulls back. Is there an extra wheel under the spare wheel? Applause? Oh it latches. Oh that’s, good that’s, pretty cool got it now. Yeah we’ll figure it out. Oh my god, that’s so cool see what we got. There looks like all metal underneath, aluminum frame, metal drive, shaft metal, axles, metal lengths very nice. I haven’t failed it. Yet. No, you have to get one that is so cool underneath the axles, a bunch of stickers. Oh look at this. Look at this that’s something new yeah i’ve, never seen a remote like that, that’s pretty neat the door needs to zest it a little bit. Oh man, that’s neat, so we’re taking the body pins out. Now we heard this was tricky to do somebody put this in the wrong. I would have put this circle. The other way you got ta have needle nose pretty much to do it unless you got. Oh look: how are you gon na get this past really tiny fingers? You got ta rotate it well even sideways it’s, not gon na clear you’re getting closer it’s, not clearing it. Look you’re gon na have to bend it flex it up a little bit.

That’S not good for it. You’Re gon na have to put the clips in the right way. I’M gon na have to customize my clips a little bit it’s like doing surgery. I took the other two out. Oh my god! Oh is there some back here, uh! Look underneath the bumper there isn’t there, four always yeah, there’s four – that that bumper hooks onto the body somehow on the back there’s some sort of tabs. Oh, i see them you’ve been doing your research on this right. I would have never known that push in on the body right in the center in the back. Some on this thing push in on the body. Oh okay, i got it. Oh man, this is nice. Oh it’s, heavy! Oh, look under there! This is all look at that that’s. Nice. Are these doors metal, oh okay, so this car is the new one. This is the body that just came off of it, it’s really hard and heavy. It comes with this battery and uh it’s sitting next to the glass slipper, the vanquish vs10 for ultra body, to show you the size and the weight that’s heavier. This is heavy though yeah here’s, some kind of batteries in here it comes transmitter batteries. I don’t know what’s in there and a nickel metal hydride how many milliamps is it three three thousand and then i think that’s, the just the wall charger for the battery a bunch of goodies in there all kinds of different chargers right there got a 45 turn.

Rc four wheel, drive crawler motor i’m, not sure 2rc, 4 wheel, steering servo so here’s the chassis for the rc4 wheel drive. What does this thing do? That’S a drive shaft that goes from. Oh, my gosh gearbox to the transfer feel how that goes. So the gearbox and transfer case are separate on this. This is nice i’m hearing this steering servo’s, actually pretty good it’s a metal gear steering servo and i’m hearing. It has a lot of power, so we’ll find out what kind is it not sure, but it’s got a 45 turn size on there. Rc four wheel drive motor uh we’re about the esc, but it looks a lot like the hobby wing that i have um there’s. The battery tray, like i said this transmission transfer case axles shocks, drive shafts what’s in here all metal. This frame feel it frame that’s a thick aluminum frame, rail, very nice rc, four wheel drive. It says on it: it’s pretty nice yep super nice. So we can’t wait to get this thing out and run it we’re gon na run it hard you’re, not going hard. You’Re, not gon na run, but anyways it’s gon na be taken care of it’s a nice one, yep it’s not for crashing it’s for going. This is more of a trail truck than a crawler, but it has a little bit of capability. We’Ll see what it can do. Um don’t stretch your springs, no, but all right anyways.

This is hello rc again and thank you for watching yeah.