I wanted to make a video for you today about this rc four wheel, drive galande ii 18 scale, little mini truck we’re, going to do a little fun run and talk about it. A little bit check out that interior rearview mirrors got some windshield wipers it’s a hard body. It weighs a ton Music scott. This is completely stock, aluminum everything no light kits in there right now, but um i’m. Okay with that um, it came with a huge two cell lipo battery that i’m just gon na leave in there and charge uh inside the truck, because the downside to this one is there’s, no body clips, but you have to unscrew the body every single time. You apparently want to change the battery. I don’t think so i’m going to leave the battery in there. Other downside to this vehicle is for as heavy as it is. You’D think that the weight of this vehicle would be able to force the um the shocks to articulate and they really don’t want to it’s stiff stiff as a board, so that might adjust a little bit. I think most of my rigs that i get feel a little stiff off the bat and then eventually it as you know, they get used a lot more they’ll soften up um. These tires are super soft and i think i saw on the box that they um licensed those rims, so those are pretty tight. Music. Downside again, is you know with this hard body, it’s top heavy.

So you know it’s gon na be hard to climb things like this with such a high center of gravity, and you know having only three wheels on the ground most of the time when i’m trying to do this stuff or two does it count as three? If it’s the rear, the spare tire touching give myself a little help there and climb across this very rickety bridge. I need to fix that the cost of this truck 300 or 299 – i don’t know if they charged me too much at the hobby shop but whatever their new hobby shop. I was trying to help them out by buying something – and i saw this – and this is pretty dope um another negative and i hate to bring out the negatives but the steering on this it’s, like you get about like one like that’s cranked right. There crank crank it jacob crank it do it, so you can see that’s it that’s cranked. You know you should be able to have a sharper steer on this there’s. No reason not to i don’t understand why it’s the steering is so shallow on this, but whatever let me know if you have one of these and you have the same problem, am i going to fall off this i’m not going to mess with it it’s a Kind of high draw for a little vehicle like this. I could see completely busting this thing wide open if it dropped off my table.

Other things i do like about this um, the interior looks good. I mean it’s all blacked out right now. I might if i paint this truck black, i might do a tan interior or maybe um brown, but i did find a lego bob ross who i’m gon na have, as my driver, i think he’s gon na fit really nicely in there. So as soon as i have that updated i’ll, let you know and then um, i think, i’m, probably gon na cut the whole top of this off and turn it into an you know: a more summertime jeep, not sure how i’m gon na get that off. Yet maybe very carefully with some uh what i don’t know, what kind of a saw that is, but you know something that goes very slow and then i’ll paint it and then you’ll really see bob ross in there, because his afro will be just sticking out overall. Not i’m, not bummed that i bought this um. I think it’s gon na be a really cool rig. I hear that the parts are super expensive to quote unquote, upgrade on this, so i’m, not going to do that. I think it would be cool if they had a leaf spring um kit for this, like they do, for the bigger one that would be dope, but for now we’ll just leave the shocks as is, and there we go.