This is from tonya rc, its a 114 scale, radio control front rotor, and this thing is sweet. Now this is an rtr. It comes with everything that you need to get you running. Other than batteries for the controller, but well take a look at this, so we have our battery pack here. This is a 2 000 milliamp, 7.4 lipo battery. We got that. I believe this is a xt30 plug on there ill show you and we got his old usb charger for it. Then we have the controller itself: 2.4 gigahertz, 22 channel and uh its pretty nice fairly light its got that rubber grip on there. I kind of really like that um functions. You know we got our left. Stick right. Stick down here. We got some sound buttons that turns your sound on and off, and you got your light buttons uh. We got some other buttons here, but they dont do anything same thing with the buttons on top they dont do anything. They probably could got a couple little switches here, uh these actually to actually do something that uh adjusts the twitch of the uh, the arm of the front loader and, of course, these right here, just dont do anything at all. Just no thing takes four double a batteries to run so lets. Take a look at the not the excavator, the front, loader, extremely cool uh, mostly its made of plastic, but the bucket the arms is all metal.

We got the servo actuators again like the excavator. Does the top portion of the cab is metal as well and i believe theres a few metal pieces right here? A little answer. You know a little detail stuff. It says strong power uh. We got some nice beefy wheels here, uh theyre very kind of not too stiff, but you do have a little bit of flex there to it. Uh theres, no suspension to it whatsoever, but anyway, hey thats, all right uh. This is articulation turning, so it turns left and right, of course, the arm of it or the front goes up and down tilts the bucket and stuff, like that check out the really cool skeleton scale interior detail to it very very cool got a little steering wheel. The little uh control arms um, nothing much going on the other side here same thing, a lot of really cool amazing detail, so it looks pretty sweet now. There are different brands of this one right here, theres one from legends which is uh same thing but painted red, and that one comes with two batteries and chains for the tires for the rear tires, its also full drive, but not like full time full of drive. It does have kind of like an open, diff kind of type deal, but the 404 you know, does work on it, but uh yeah, so lets go ahead and pop in a battery test. It out a little bit and see how it does alright.

So the batteries have been installed so lets go ahead and turn our remote were gon na hit. The middle switch right here led light, blinking turn on the vehicles in the rear here. So, as you can hear, we get that little sound effect going on Applause backwards. Music Applause, Music – all right so lets turn that off, because that is most orientating sound. Ever they never really have good sound units in their vehicles. They have amazing looking vehicles, but the sound units are really horrified and i dont want to run something like that. So pretty much ill be riding this vehicle without the sound effects on it. Its just to me garbage, but anyway lets get back to the vehicle, so everything is portional digital portion. It means you can control the throttling of the the speed of the vehicle control. The throttling of the lift you can go slow or you can go fast. We got those powerful, servo, actuators working, go down up tilt your bucket down up theyre. Turning now the bucket itself can hold up to 3.5 pounds of dirt roxanne, whatever youre digging into now. The vehicle is also four wheel drive as well, so im gon na show you that lets pick it up and try to do it. This thing is heavy its about 10 to 15 pounds. It says, and it feels like that so test it out. Full drive. Working Applause now this is also one of the complaints that a lot of people made on this typical vehicle is the four wheel drive system theyre saying that its not really working sometimes or it doesnt work.

There is a way to make it actually work because it kind of has like an open kind of diff kind of feel to it like. If you raise up the back here and have the front now, the front seems more powerful than the actual rear, because i guess you know this is where a lot of the load is going to be at so the power that motor needs to be powerful enough To move uh and the wheel in the back is not so strong there, but anyway, now, if you do this at half throttle all right, half throttle it. Doesnt really want to go. You see the front wheel is not spinning, but if you go at the full throttle it will go same thing in reverse: half throttle full throttle. Here we go so i really dont see the big deal. I guess people see a lot of uh. You know the more hot you know high end hog grade ones that uh, you know the 404 system works. Of course, this is kind of like a motor on axle setup, its not having a drive shaft thats running through the vehicle like a normal front loader, but anyway, it still does perfectly fine, so same thing with front so also show you this way as well: lift Up the vehicle a little bit got the front wheels off the ground, half throttle full throttle. I got a little squeegee there now lets, try to do it forward.

I dont know if this is going to happen, because you know were on this rubber texture here with a little diamond plate on it, so it might not do it, it might do it lets just find out and see so half throttle front wheels. Expanding rear is not there, you go so its actually doing it well, throw it back so thats how this 4×4 system works. I hope that this helped you if you got one and youre saying oh its, not working right or youre looking at getting this one, and you see that problem, you know you dont know how to operate it, its about letting the pressure off and stuff every time. I film my phone tends to go off every time and i hate that i need to put my phone on solid next time, but anyway get back to what i was saying as long you, you kind of have to learn this vehicle and what its capabilities is And what its not able to do, and by just playing around with a little bit, youll figure out how to work. The 4×4 system to your advantage now well find out out there in the field out there in the construction site. If its going to work well or not but uh, you know overall its been doing great ive been running around here in the rc room, having no really issues now. Another issue that people talked about was the turning on the vehicle that it was very slow and wasnt extremely short, so that was one of the complaints now, as you can see here now on the more hobby grade ones with five thousand dollar front loaders there youll See the drive shaft youll see you know the steering, you know steering knuckle there for the turn and stuff youll see all that.

But since this is kind of a toy slash hobby grade, one youre not going to see that now this vehicle does have upgrades for it. You can upgrade the drivetrain to make it stronger. You can upgrade the steering servo motor, which is a motor. I will say not a servo, its a motor that spins it or you know spins the the front. So you cant upgrade that uh and i think you can upgrade a few other things but im not exactly sure. I did find just a few things but uh overall, its very impressive vehicle, but one of the other things that i dislike is the lights only run when the vehicle is in motion. Even if you turn the uh the lights off here, it will still run the front lights, and i really dont like that. So my only two big pet peeves on this thing is the sound unit and the light system. I i dont like that. That definitely needs to go away so ill have to go in there and cut these wires loose or something and get rid of that sound. So but anyway, it is extremely awesome. Vehicle Music and i cant wait to get out there in this construction site and start removing some dirt and stuff and having some good times with it. So there you go my friend, so i hope that this video helped you and maybe purchasing one or maybe just trying to figure out whats going on with your vehicle.

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