If you are new to my channel a big welcome here, you find rc reviews, upgrades and mods and run videos related to rcs. So if you want to see more make sure to like and subscribe, let me start with the disclaimer. I received two lipo batteries from rc hackers free of charge for testing purposes. I told him that i would test them out with one condition. Then i will provide my honest feedback good or bad. He agreed and sent them out to me. So a big thanks for the opportunity to test them. Recently, i was reached out by rc hackers to test their lipo battery. They are a new company based out of california and they pride themselves in being the best budget lipo battery for the rc hobby and they sell through the web store at rcheckers.com. Normally i use a smaller 3s lipo battery on my lcg truck, but when i checked out their web store, they did not have the batteries in my size. He asked me if i would be interested in testing out their 2200 milliamp hour. 11.1 volt 35c discharge rate lipo battery, since i have just recently purchased element knight runner that i plan to run as a scaled trail truck, which can benefit from a bit bigger battery for longer runtimes. I agreed the capacity is 2200 milliamp hour has a discharge rate of 35c and the voltage is 11.1 volt, 3s lipo and it came with the xc60 plugs.

The two batteries arrived packaged in a nice brown box, with lots of foam padding that looked to provide good protection. When i received the package and opened them up, i couldnt believe the size i had expected much bigger battery, but its very similar in size with my gens as 1300 milliamp lipo battery and heres a size comparison to my 1500 milliamp once again, slightly wider, but the Height is about the same so its the width, its only 75 millimeter in length 33 millimeter in width and 24 millimeter tall with an overall weight of 135 grams. The small size and weight has to do with being rca airplane, but we are going to find out how he works for the rc truck. I did notice that the battery wires are thinner, 14 gauge and they are quite long compared to the gens. As the battery leads are 5.5 inch. Long hold 2 inches longer than the gen 6. It did come handy, but a shorter lead wires would have been preferred out of the box. The batteries came in storage mode, where each cells were charged to 3.7 volt for a total of 11.1 volts, so thats a good thing. I balanced charged them up and tested on my new element. Knight runners first offer a trail test run if you have not just seen the video ill post a link at the top corner, so you can go check it out for the first test. I hiked up 336 feet of elevation and 1.

17 miles and i was able to get 2 hours and 22 minutes of runtime. At the end of the test run, the battery steer had a charge left at 11.28 volt, so i could have ran it for a more time. The 35c discharge rate worked well when i needed that extra punch for a bit of wheel, speed Music. Since then, i have tested a few additional runs and im consistently getting over two and a half hours and ive yet to trigger the battery cut off. In summary, what i love about it, i love the small size. I still cant believe that the rc hackers managed to get a 2200 milliamp battery into such a small package and lightweight. I also love the price at the time of this review. The two pack package is selling for thirty dollars and twelve cents usd so far. The quality seems to be as good as my trusty chances, but time will tell what could be better. There are no dislikes that i can see, but there were a couple of changes that would make it perfect. First, youd be great if they offered, with a slightly higher discharge rate, say 45c or even 75c, which should provide a bit more oomph when i need it. My g35c provided enough room speed, especially for scaled turtle trucks, but i am used to the 75c discharge rate on my gen 6.. Second, a shorter battery wire with thicker 12 gauge would be better for rc trucks.

Most of our rc trucks dont need as long a battery wire on a 3s 14 gauge should be plenty thick, but a bit thicker will be more ideal but thats just my opinion. Overall, the battery performed great on my element. Night runner and im continuously getting great runtime so far, im not seeing any degradation so far, and i really like the small size, the price and the overall quality of the lipo battery. Even with my two observations that can enhance it, i would highly recommend rc hackers.