How you doing today welcome to life with bill stuff today on the bills of show i’m just getting my rc’s situated we’re not going to take them out right just yet, but probably in the upcoming videos, we’re going to go for a rep. I just got out the udr and i went over. The batteries make sure they charge and i went over the truck and the truck is pretty decent. As you seen in the beginning of the video there so it’s ready to go, i got the gopro mounted one of the older gopros, so don’t get it wrecked and cocked over we’re gon na. Take that out, that’s a huge take her for a run for you. This has been a long time jim, but that’s good to go, got him. So the next thing i wanted to do: oh there’s, the other battery apologize. The other thing i want to tell you is: i did end up selling the x maxx. I apologize, but i couldn’t turn down the offer i got on it, so i had to let her go captain i don’t use the x max a whole bunch. I use the udr more in the crawlers and the slash and stuff, so the slash needs a little bit of an overhaul. We got to do it and the rock crawler is a little weak. We got ta, look at it, so i’m gon na pull that down right now. We’Ll have a little gander at that, because it’s been a long time.

He’S got a little gander at the earth. Season has frank and right it has so. As you all know, i have a trx force right there yeah, i have it up, run in no time long shocks, in other words the shocks that uh are kind of bouncing captain, as you can tell so. I wanted to take a look at this thing and see what’s really going on. We got to make sure this thing is going to be meant for the trails. If you know what i’m saying so, let’s pull the body off here for any years that are new to my channel. This one here used to be the defender body and i turned her up – turned her into a pickup truck style body. Who does this so it’s? Pretty decked up and wasted and cocked over now, it’s still there and it still works. I got the magnet tip for the front connections, so all they do is just connect to the magnet. The only problem with this with the crawler is when you get caught up on something it just lets, go so that’s, probably gon na have to come off just saying so we’ll get that out of the way. Now, in my crawler here, some of you already know this because you’re my big fans, this crawler here we got a battery still in here, friggin right. We do, but in this crawler here i’m running what they call the hobby wing and the hobby wing i’m using is the centered brushless one surprisingly, this has been a very decent controller, i’ve loved it big time, but actually the truck itself right now.

I think he’s ready to rock and roll captain. I think i’ve already fixed this one now that i think about it. I think i did this before and i was gon na. Take it out and never get around to it. Well, there’s my problem right: there shocks, definitely adjusting so let’s get that done right now, because we need to uh, you know, get her ready for the the crawl a little on the saggy side. There captain what’s really going on oh well, hey! This is what it is. It is yeah test it. Yeah yeah, not bad. I need to get the long travel kit for this thing, that’s. What i need to do. I got weights on the wheels in here. If you notice i put different weights on there. I cheated myself and weighted up the wheels they did friggin right, i did, which is on all of them, so that definitely helps with front end weight on this thing. I wonder if this battery’s still good let’s, throw in and beef her up and see if we get some juice to it. Inquiry mines want to know, slash no goodie. The hell is the remote, oh what’s this here it is. Do we have power it’s a question? Oh she’s still got juice bruce, so what gear am i in daryl, durable, okay, so there’s low, so she’s got still full power. We charge that battery properly, but here check it out. This is the brushless system and watch how slow it goes.

Jim hold on at that listen, you listen, careful look! Ah, i can go any slower if i want, but there you go. That’S crazy, eh, that’s, a brushless motor right there. Jim this thing is amazing, so it goes to show you how good it works. Let’S give her a little little demonstration here, a little demonstration see if we can’t get up to you to yards oh hold on. We got a diff locker, oh dick! You watching, probably not gon na stop the udr from rolling okay we’re getting up there. Oh oh, hold on jim, go roller fired, freaking right, i’m fired all right kitty. Am i fired freaking right? I am my cat. Always sits here. Watches me doesn’t matter what the hell they do. The cat watches me. He never leaves my sight. Do you know just sitting there watching see what’s really going on let’s? Try this one more time and see if we can’t get up on her okay. Here we go already. I think she’s gon na roll again captain, oh no we’re getting her this time. Oh yeah! We are let’s back her up see if we can’t crawl right up onto the roosters. Come on baby come on come on girl, oh, oh, it almost had her here. It comes come on, come on. Oh you got it let’s reset reset! You might have to give her the second gear, chirp they’re, all just come all the way down. Didn’T i ooh something’s clicking there.

I don’t, like that let’s see still mint Music. This is a pretty good little crawler. I don’t know if anybody has one of these, but i’ve been really happy with it. After i changed electronics from traxxas to hobby wing, that is, the factory the factory electronics kind of sucked dick, but as far as i’m concerned get up there come on, give it to her hi gear snowflake. What are you doing so flaky what’s really going on hey you’re, all right, yeah i’m not coming to get you well there you go. I can’t get up there. Nice wax job brooke, so anyways we’ll. Take these out. Leave your comments down below which one you want me to take out: first, the udr or the crawler. Let me know in the comments, because i want to know and yes for all you people out there that know me and haven’t seen in a long time. I am going to do a cooking with bill sephora. I don’t know what i’m gon na cook yet give me some ideas down below and tell me. Would you like me to cook tell you the truth. I haven’t cooked in a while mom’s been uh pretty good at that lately. She has she’s been taking over for me, so i haven’t been able to be in the kitchen for a while i’ve been working on stuff and this and that the other thing i work all day, long and then i’m home and i’m on the computer at night And i hardly get time to spend with my kid for god’s sakes that’s, where every once in a while you’re with me in the video we’re out for a drive just to get out.

I want to know in the comments what you want me to cook. The other thing i want to know which rc do you want to see? First, the udr or the crawler we’ll take one of them out for a rip. We will. I got to get the traxxas that thing the boat back together. I got all the parts to do it. I just haven’t, put it back together yet and of course the old slasherooski needs some uh tlc. That needs some tlc something awful she’s broken captain, as you can tell, but i got ta take my rustlers tires off the rustler and put it back on my slash, but i think the slasher is pretty good to go. I don’t think there’s much wrong. Who wants to see the slash right now? Tell me: okay, i’ll show it to you real quick. You know what’s going to happen i’m, going to start dipping around these damn rc’s again and i’m going to wish. I never sold the xmaxx you watch the slash. Let’S have a gander at her. What we’re missing on the slash is this is all stock. This slash is completely stocked, so it’s got a broken front. Bumper and it’s missing the tires and that’s it it’s good to go, and this is a hell of a machine. This thing actually works really good on 3s lipo. So we should actually get this thing out and try her. I get an extra drive shot, but i think everything’s good in her to be honest with you, yep it’s, just a little tight we’re sitting.

Oh no she’s good, so actually we can get that thing out too. If you want this thing’s a lot of fun, this thing’s a weapon that thing there was actually faster than the my x maxx with those tires only if you’re running those tires and these tires. If anybody wants to know on my slash, are the trenches, that’s accurate? Those are trencher tires if anybody’s wondering on the old slash ruski, but they work really good. They make it uh they probably well. You know the factory tires. What they’re like that gives a lot more speed, a lot more terrain, climbability it likes to roll a little bit easier, but hey you can’t! Have everything in your sauce too right so a little bit of rolling with a little bit of freaking cam ram this, and that and the other thing is fine. I got a charger over there got it out today to make sure it still works. Those batteries are going to convert, i don’t know if you can see them right there, any of those little batteries right there. We got to convert them over on the plugs because they’re for the boat and i’m gon na use them in my udr, which i got ta strip and make them like that. This battery is that battery it’s, just they won’t fit in the udr. With that shell, on the venom shell venom yeah, i think that’s what they are i’m only down one rc to be honest with you, so that’s, not bad, just the x maxx, which is a weapon.

I don’t know anybody with one. So when i go out, i just break everybody else’s i haven’t been out with anybody in since coved this freaking kova has really caught us all over we’re playing rc’s by ourselves. Jim. You know what i’m saying kevin friggin right, you do well. This is just a quick little update on the rc’s just so you know i got them all, except for the one. I want to do a video on this and i want to let you know i am going to do some rc videos, because i do. I am having a little bit of withdrawals from the rcs it’s. Just i got so much going on. I got the engine. Build going on i’m should have that intake on tuesday this week. Coming so i’ll be able to show you that and then we’re gon na get that going, get it back together and get it ready, get the transmission ready in that so see. I get a lot going on right now. Captain yeah, just all sorts of things, man we’ll get a cooking with bill savelle for you leave me like. I said in the comments below what you want to see me cook and we’ll, get the rcs out here. For you too, stay close. Remember i care what you guys like, but i can’t do everything you guys like. Does that make sense because i’m life with bilsath, so my channel is not dedicated to one thing: i’m, a vlogger blogger, whatever you want to call it hey, i do whatever i want to do that way.

It doesn’t feel like work that’s the way i look at it. If i just do one thing, then, when that one thing’s done, i have to buy that one thing again to start over and do that one thing again, you know it’s, just not me. I like to do whatever i want to do and i’d, like you guys to be here with me doing it freaking ready to do update video for you, hopefully everybody’s having a good day. This video will be out probably happy new year for yesterday, friggin right, hopefully everybody’s safe, hopefully everybody’s loving each other, trying to keep your your head on straight and your tempers down low, because right now a lot of people are short tempered over this gronus thing, and I know they are because i see it, i feel it myself we’re get over it together, love you all i’m glad you’re here and please stay and until next time you know what to do.