So today’s topic is very yeah, it’s totally amazing, so uh my father, bought it from i don’t know. So i was surprised that my father bought this car. So this is the car. Okay, see you can see, it’s tires this uh. It has also value because um see you can see this color right of this car color right, it’s, little dark, color, right, yeah and it’s, like attraction, it’s little attraction and this um. This car is little cute. Okay – and you can see the tires see so this is the car, so it has remote control and it has its instruction and see you can see the cars there. You see it yeah in the big tire in this tire it has like mini tires. So many mini tires see here here is the battery section uh. It is rechargeable and over here over here. If you press here, this is the on and off button. If you hold, i press, this car will be this. Car will uh be on and the uh when the car uh when the cars, the vendor a car, will be on this light will be like shiny shining. It will, it will blink and see you can see this tires. Uh. This car has a little uh. The scars this big – this is a big tire. Okay, inside the big tire there’s like uh, like little mini tires. You can see here that is the yeah um, the ability of this car, and also it has smartwatch you can see and remote control remote control.

So this everybody knows how to control remote control, but you don’t know how to use this yeah remote control, Music watch, then, if you, if you do only if you do like this, the car will go like like this. If you go, if you do like this, the car will go like back backwards. If you do um like this, the car will go like left side. If you do like this, the car will go right side so, but but first you should be knowing how to control with the watch. So be careful with this thing, and i we should practice how to do so. First, you should read the instruction of the of the watch. It’S saying see: okay, see it in the instruction they also give about the car, so this car can stretch its body and now i’m going to going to show you how to control with the remote. So if you do like this, if you do the button forward, the car will go forward. If you do the button backwards, the car will go backwards. Everybody knows about that now, i’m, going to show you um here. I i already told you about this one, but there is a special other five special buttons on that. I will show you i will on this car and i will show you on the ground, but i i can’t go outside because of this color so i’m, going to show you now i’m going to insert the battery uh inside of this inside of this car.

You can see the uh battery right. Okay, when you buy this car, you uh! When you buy this car, they they they will give an extra battery for the smart ones, see or a screw special screwdriver for removing the uh screw. Okay. So now now i’m going to insert the battery so first i should remove the screw. Okay, i removed it. Okay, remove the screw and remove it now i’m going to insert the battery now. I should adjust it like this now. I should close the gap so first so i’m, going to show you how to do the spin. So, okay, okay, if you do this uh this little button here, see okay, now i’m going to show this one see see now. I’M, going to show you how to do or do like right and left so this is a special ability for this. I’Ll show you, okay, okay, okay, now i’m going to show how to do the car like this right and left. Not this one! This this button will like make the car spin. So there are special ability here now i’m going to show the two button only two button, so one is dancing button. One is yeah, so second is a stretch button. So if i press dance button like this will happen, Music, so Music now i’m going to show uh how to stretch see, see it’s uh, yeah, the car, the car become little more big, see. If you want to make the body normal, you should press the button again see see normal and again, if you press the the it will change the body, the body’s, like body’s height.

If you change it will change the height now it’s flat, then it will like it will be like you can see. So now i finished my i told about the car. So if you want this same car, you can call you can contact the shop. You can comment me, so i will give the contact details. Then they will give the toys for good price low price. If you have any doubts, you can comment me or if you want the contact number for this to buy the like the same car or you can. You can also buy different car type of cars and uh, and you can also give me a topic what i should do in next video. What i should do in next video. You can give me a topic, so it it will be helpful for me – and this is me, elizabeth signing out Music Applause. Music.