This is emotive. Bring this happy day to the birthday. This box says ill burn this birthday all day, long, all right, good job, ellie, okay, brennan! So translate: hey, whats up guys its cute funny here and today we are going to be Music ready to run all this is a remote. This hasnt gone that way: okay, so brennan um. Where did you get this from and who got it for you? I got this from amy hopkins, amy, brad and aj good, and he got this for either birthday or christmas. Again. We never know because they are so close together, but this is a ready to run rc car bronco number, zero, zero, seven swipe it so heres the box. It came in, give it a very nice one and we have the black and blue model um. They have yellow and they have a cool like green, and then they have this blue and black combination, which is what bernie got led, has the remote so its her standard, remote its got the trigger and the little knob to turn, and then we charged the battery Last night it came with this little usb charger: okay and then heres the battery right here; okay, 4.8 volt battery here and were gon na stick it into the uh. The car im gon na get this thing driving. We got this thing charged up last night, so it should be ready to go so lets get the batteries in so brendas gon na flip it over hes going to pop open the uh base the bottom.

What do you think? What are you saying, mom back there im telling her to wait? Okay, so these are battery is in and b is going to turn on the remote and turn on the car theres. The switch hes got it on. Is that on? Does it say its on? Yes, i already did it all right lets, put it on the floor and lets check this out. Oh okay, so we got power whoa that things actually kind of. Oh, i think, turns nice, okay! Well, let brennan drive it first, because this hit here it comes and hes off, Music, cool Applause, all right, hes gon na bring it back down. Lets check this thing out all right here, he comes, oh eldies got it here. We go cool good job. Is that cool Music, okay, hes gon na bring it back here? Jacking it up, and here we go pull the trigger, and here it comes whoa. That thing looks pretty cool man that things pretty sporty. Looking all right were coming back nice, nice, okay, brendas got a lined up reality: Music. You love this car that is pretty cool, so brendans got a lot of rc cars. As you know, his big old monster truck run one that one will be more for outside this. One will be good for in here and Laughter, oh good turn b, and here he comes down the straight away. Music, oh and i see thats why its good for inside to hit the couch but its not going to hurt anything ellie.

Can you back it up? Oh good girl. Oh she turned it. Caramel thats cool. What do you think b, its pretty cool in there thats real cool id say this is perfect for reality too, because its not too fast, but you can drive it its good concentration, all right all right b. Take it around turns pretty good done, good responsibility and there it goes. Oh you just Music, oh Music, all right, ellies, gon na try! Oh here we go, i say: oh, he loves it. All right! Brendas, gon na drive it one more time. I love it. Ellie loves it. Oh, he went underneath the chair, oh thats, another nice thing about this man. He can go underneath stuff. So your monster truck Music, which i guess is fair – and here it comes oh, its okay, its hung up on the rug. There. We go Music Music, the table all right up on the right Music. I think it backs up pretty good and one more time down the stream Applause. Music cool. Oh also, this car, i believe, is two wheel drive lets. Take a look. Brendans gon na hit the gas here, so this two will drive okay, thats reversed and one more time me ready, pull the trigger and run shut up very cool Music, Music, Music, um, aj Music, all day long, all right brennan.