There was also a note that said: please don’t show anybody until april 15th, which means i’ve got a late night ahead of me, making a video to show you guys what’s inside it’s, the new arma vortex 3s blx. I saw this thing leaked online a couple weeks ago and i was really excited about it. Let’S get it out of the box and take a closer look Music. We got a pink and purple body. This stadium truck looks awesome, there’s, the box that it comes in back there now. Typically, i love arma box art, but the truck looks really tall on the box. It doesn’t look proportionally correct, but here in person it looks incredible. Trust me. The lines on this body are incredible: now the vortex, the vortex name that might sound familiar to a bunch of you. That is because they’ve had a two wheel: drive uh stadium truck a while back and now they’ve revived that name with a four wheel, drive platform, and i think they did a really good job with it. Now, if you saw some of those uh leak, shots that were out there, some of you may have said: oh it’s, just a granite with a stadium truck body on there and i’ve already taken out my granite. No, it is not just a new body on this truck. They have made some changes to it. We’Re gon na go over those today, but first let me just show you really quick.

What comes in the box? Obviously the pre assembled truck, but you also get a dx3 transmitter. The spectrum dx3, which i really like these the granite, came with the slt3 radio, which is a good radio. But i thought it should have come with this and so i’m really excited that. They included this radio because you can expand this radio with their bluetooth module and use their dashboard. That’S really cool, especially since this truck has their telemetry when you use their spectrum smartpaks all right. Also in the box is obviously your instruction manual, a little bag with some uh preload clips some tools, but i pulled out the cool stuff that they’ve included, so they now have. This multi tool in here almost looks like a pistol, but anyway it’s much better than the plastic multi tool that they had before you got a couple of different uses for this tool, but also in here with some extra tethers. Ah, this is awesome because i’ve torn the tethers a couple of times really cool that they give you those – and i also found a 20 tooth pinion gear in there, and it is the d style pinion which is awesome. So this is for the high speed uh when you go and want to just do some speed runs with this. It will do 60 miles an hour on a 3s pack. You probably got to put that in there. If i read the technical manual correctly, it has a 17 tooth pinion in there all right now we need to take a closer look at this truck and let’s start off with the body love the graphics on here, there’s, actually, three different versions, so there’s, a blue And red version there’s a green version and then we’ve got this pink and purple i’m really excited about this.

This is different. I don’t think i have any other pink and purple trucks around here or cars around here. So this this is a welcome change in my book, but love the styling of it love the just the lines on this truck and check this out yeah. We already saw the tethers but check this out up top we’ve got sliders on the roof. That is awesome because the way i pull on the throttle, this is gon na get a workout up here. So better than scratching up the body check out the lines on the the paintwork here very cool. I love the vortex. Logo still got some extra logos down here from horizon db spectrum. This looks awesome now. What’S really really cool is back here check out the wing on this. This is a molded plastic wing and look at it’s got 2.5 millimeter screws holding it in. You can even see there’s screws in the back side here that secure it, so it’s secured in multiple spots, unlike some other stadium trucks that are out there, that just have two screws, so i like how they they have that extra security there, and then this this Just kind of just shows you the detail that arma puts into vehicles they’ve got screws on the top it’s just for when you flip it over, because this area kind of just gets shredded when you flip a car over so now they have a steel screw there.

That can be replaced, and you know if, if something happens, you just swap that out versus having to swap out a whole spoiler, so that is very cool, in my opinion, all right, let’s look at these tires now these are d boots, uh qatar. I hope i got that name right. Qatar and it’s got a really cool. Looking look, i mean very arma style lug on this love that and then these gunmetal style rims. These look awesome as well a little pro line like maybe maybe they got a little inspiration but it’s definitely unique to arma, and i love the teardrop and they’re very very awesome. Now this is a 14 millimeter hex wheel like that, because with the power these trucks are putting out nowadays, those little 12 millimeter hexes that we’re used to. I don’t think those are going to hold up anymore so awesome to see 14 millimeter hexes on that same tires, front and rear, and the the insert feels like there’s an insert in there. Maybe it’s an open cell insert all right look up front here. We’Ve got a new bumper on here, different from the granite monster truck. This is more of just a standard style front bumper and it hinges to the the lower skid plate that we saw on the granite but uh. I like this new bumper. I like the way it looks, and even in the back it’s even got a bumper sticker on there as well check out that wheelie bar we’ll talk about that later.

Overall, the look is killer on this truck love it all right. Let me pull the body off, so we can talk about what’s inside i’ve got the body off the truck, and this thing looks fantastic. Armor built some great vehicles and this one is no exception. Now at first glance, it might look like a granite. However, as i’m looking at everything over, i see the changes that they made to make this into a stadium truck style platform beyond just the body wheels and tires, and that starts up front here with this new shock tower gear case cover. This is much lower to fit the stadium truck profile, uh on the monster truck it’s, a taller shock, tower taller shocks and here they’re, lower from better performance, and i really like this uh new geometry they have on here. The truck feels really good love. These oil filled shocks that they have on this truck really easy to maintain, and, of course, they give you the clips in there. If you need to change the preload, but even the little guards on the front. I love all the extra details that arma puts into their vehicles. Now the rest of the suspension is pretty much like the granite blx. So we’ve got those strong arms caster blocks. Steering knuckles, i mean look at the size of the tie. Rod ends here: the r adjustable tire rods really really awesome. Even the aluminum tie bar down at the bottom to retain the suspension, pins, that’s, pretty awesome, here’s, a closer look at the front.

Bumper mount we’ve got that uh. You know, brace in the back really like the way that looks a little bit of flex there, which is what you need uh, but great, looking suspension overall, here’s the you know, the body mount new body mount set up in the rear for that lower stance of The uh stadium truck style body and it is adjustable so i’m guessing if you wanted to put some aftermarket bodies on there later on down the road you’d be able to fit them to it. But i love the look of that body anyways, so let’s let’s see what else they’ve done here so it’s a new rear tower as well and uh. Look at the geometry a little bit wider there. The shocks come out to the outside of the arm. So when you’re just railing this thing through corners, this thing is going to handle a lot better, all right check out the wheelie bar out back. We might as well take a look at that, while we’re here this is probably really going to help out the truck when you’re just doing those hole shots. This thing is probably going to want to pull wheelies uh with the motor that they have in here, but uh the suspension outback. You know a longer shocks in the back than in the front. We’Ve got those arms that we saw on the granite same hubs on the outside again really like that they carry that over because it works really well now onto the chassis again.

This is the short wheelbase chassis, just like the granite, and it is the revised chassis. So it’s stronger it’s got more clearance in the front, so it ejects any rocks that get caught into the steering and uh it’s got these mud guards on the side, which help keep debris out of the center it’s, really easy to swap out the battery with these Velcro battery straps and you get 2s packs in there 3s packs and even a little extra spacer in there. If you have a longer pack, you could take that out so they’ve kind of thought of everything. With this now you got your simple twin, current steering up front. There is a servo saver on the servo 23 tooth uh spline on the servo saver. Just for those of you that are wondering uh but let’s talk about the drivetrain in here, so it has the 1.35 mod composite ears, the ring and pinion uh. So they are composite it’s, not metal. There is metal on the inside on the planetary gears, but these should hold up. I mean we have been really drilling on that granite and those gears have been holding up. Just fine we’ve got the composite slider shafts on the outside, really beefy ends to them. So the yolks won’t pull apart with the metal, universals, really solid, set up there and then, of course, steel. Ball bearings throughout the drive line and back here is the slipper clutch assembly, which is right behind the aluminum motor plate.

Now this comes out as a module, and – and this is what’s really cool about arma vehicles – is you can pull this car apart modules for for maintenance like this radio tray comes out separately? This comes out, so you could go and adjust the pinion. If you need to swap out the pinion, if you got to do some speed runs so it’s really easy to work on it’s. All you got to do is is take this slider center shaft here this is spring loaded. This will slide out and uh. Just a few screws and you could pop this right out of the truck. Actually, i think it’s like one or two screws, it’ll pop right out of the truck and you can access your pinion and spur and if you need to adjust the circle clutch, you slide. The center shaft out, you slide a uh, an allen driver in there and you can adjust your slipper clutch. So it’s really easy to maintain this or tune this. If you need to all right that pretty much wraps up the drivetrain let’s talk about the the electronics we’ll start off with the spectrum 651 servo uh. This servo is metal geared it’s digital and it has 101 inch ounces of torque, which is plenty for a ready to run truck right out of the box. I mean we’re used to 60 ounce inches of torque servos and some other vehicles. This one has a 101 right out of the box, which is awesome now right behind it is the spectrum firmware 100 amp, speed controller.

This is a programmable speed controller. You could go in there and adjust the punch if you want to it, comes set at level. Three right out of the factory that you go up to level five on there. You can adjust your brakes and everything really good. Looking speed controller like the large heatsink on there, even the cooling fan it comes equipped with an ic5 plug which is really awesome. We’Ve got caps on there, so we don’t have to worry about any electronics issues and everything comes pre, wired, really nice and neatly laid out even back here to the motor fan. I like how they went and shrunk wrapped the connector here, so it doesn’t just flop around inside the truck. Now the motor it’s, a 3200 kv motor and it’s fitted with this massive heat sink here to help dissipate heat. Again, we got the cooling fan up top to even help out with that, even like the armor logos that are etched on the heatsink. That looks pretty awesome now. The uh truck, as i think i mentioned before here – should be equipped with a 17 tooth pinion. I saw that in the manual and then they give you a 20 tooth pinion. Now it is the d style setup, so it is held on with a set screw and an e clip, so it shouldn’t come off while you’re driving with it just make sure you tighten up that set screw because that’s still important inside the radial box is the Spectrum sr2600a telemetry receiver, which works with all the smart equipment, and it has abc they’re, really thinking about everything.

With this truck trying to make your driving experience just fun and carefree just have a blast with it, and you know: they’ve got a great power system in here. This is a really sturdy chassis. The suspension works really well. These tires look pretty awesome. The new body styling, is fantastic. I mean i really can’t wait to run this truck, so this is usually the spot. My videos where i tell you guys let’s, go out and drive it. However, it’s dark out right now and it’s forecasted to rain for the next few days, so this is just going to be an unboxing now, if you have any questions about this truck, throw in the comments section below, let me know your thoughts about it as well, And i might include some of those in the follow up video where we go out and run this thing, i’m really excited to drive this. This looks really awesome. I can’t wait to see how it handles. I can’t wait to see how fast it is.