Lightning McQueen, but this is a turbo RC controlled one he’s caused a lot of fun. So here is the carbon fiber, turbo, lightning McQueen, and it comes with an infrared, remote control. Let’S check out this little carbon fiber one first. This is a 155 scale, Lightning McQueen, and here is the big one, which is around a 124 scale. Lightning McQueen, so let’s get him out of the box and check them out and it comes with a remote control that has forward reverse, left and right and has turbo power and here’s a size comparison between the little carbon fiber and the big carbon fiber, Lightning. Mcqueen. Okay, let’s put batteries in the remote and in the car the button on top turns them on or wakes them up to the infrared remote. When you steer on the remote control light news queen also moves his eyes left and right. Whoa. Look at that power. This really is a turbo lightning McQueen. He looks fast. Okay, let’s, take Lightning McQueen for a test, drive whoa, he’s, really fast and he’s hard to keep track of on the camera. Him he’s really hard to drive to okay. Let’S. Take him outside before he crashes too hard look, enlightened, McQueen go he’s doing backwards driving. I bet mater thought of that Harvard Lightning. Mcqueen has lots of power and drive really fast, but I don’t think he’s supposed to race outside let’s. Take him to a gym. Instead, oh yeah, he is fast and can turn Rui sharp too he’s, so fast it’s hard to keep up with them Hey, and he can also do donuts too.

This turbo lightning McQueen is fast and fun. This carbon racer turbo lightning queen, is really fun to play with, but you do need some extra space to have even more fun with them. Well, that’s it for this episode of show and tell make sure you check out my channel for other Disney Pixar Cars videos and for more exciting toys.