We have no rechargeable remote control car. So let me check cards brand is a mini Tom gray, so it will work on the frequency boondis on hearts. The best thing is, it is rechargeable. Okay, let me check so it is available in four colors. You can see that they provided two batteries remote control, so this tie is particularly for abou three years. Okay, let me check the product, so it’s looks good Music. Also, if we open they provided some screw Music like this, we can. We pick like this just in case so for safety purpose for children stay there, safety, its they kept safety plastics, and then they provided 3 rechargeable battery. So I’ll tell you why the beauty here it’s normal double a battery. This is actually rechargeable. If you want to put normal battery also, you can insert into the car now. This is a rechargeable battery. They will provide it provided separately. We have to keep it inside so how to charge the battery also easy, just initiative so when compared to other remote control is very easy to charge. They are not giving any complicated things to charge the battery so it’s good. Let me power. We have two batteries, so I kept to wo soup battery. This is Music Music, smart, fast, powerful. If you take out powerful, really power Music Music, let me check how it is handling the slow Music – maybe English, too slow, Music, Music, Music, so it’s liberating that we put some paper now we’ll check it can able to.

Let me go back little. One will check how fast now that distance is very less. Let me change in the flow is insane. I think you can able to see with the same time – Applause Applause, Applause, Music Applause, so when compared to other RC cars, this is really so powerful, since it is having three double A batteries and that two rechargeable so now I am doing removing that Applause. Now I will operate from ten meter distance. We thought on Donna velvet Applause. So if you go beyond 10 meter with one leap with Antonov, only it is working so for long distance we record our of antenna that must be mandatory. So, apart from that, everything is perfect.