I know it’s been a long time since i uploaded a video there’s, a long story behind that, and that is a story for another day today me and my friend are just going to drive an rc car. I hope you guys enjoy the videos, so imma skip all the advertising likes and comments and stuff like that. Just get straight to the video, so i hope you guys enjoy Music Music. I don’t know where’s my hair going set go. Oh my god, probably not going to hear me that well because it is really windy outside, but this is a what’s. This what’s this thing called again: the redcat everest gen 7, a red cat, everest, gen 7.. All right, you say it you already set it just close. This is a redcat everest, gen 7.. This is this man’s hobby, Music, Music, Music, Music. By the way, this is my boy bailey robertson, go check out his channel i’ll leave a description down in the link below he does like rc videos or anything rc car related that’s. His thing he loves it. So go follow him. Oh, oh crap! So, as you guys can see, this thing is completely waterproof. The other night we did record some footage of the gopro on the rc car, but fortunately it was too dark to really see anything. I will say the lighting on these videos are not the greatest. I do intend on getting better equipment as time goes on, and i start uploading more sorry about not uploading by the way you know it’s a long story how long after i stopped uploading on youtube.

I met this girl and me and her phil head over heels for each other crazy in love. At least we thought we were a lot of bs happened and kind of messed up. My mindset lasted almost a year, maybe about half a year, i’ve just been going through a lot of stuff ever since jobs have been another thing trying to find the right job for myself, it’s not been easy, but hey. You know your boy, so kicking still living. All that good stuff well bailey, i don’t think we can go tubing down this creek anymore. We might have to do some law cutting of ourselves or something make some room it’s crazy. They got some power to it: Music, careful, bro, that’s, pretty good man all right. So now we’re going to try to do a water test. Let’S see how this works out for us all right, give it a little go through the water. By the way we made that little track last night. I don’t know if you guys can see this, but it kind of goes all the way around that’s how much muscles in the water it’s doing pretty well Music. Look at that thing, though, take it out of here it’s talking about. If i had a rc boat, you take it out. The figures fun go out on some kayaks. So what have you that would be awesome, just like right around the middle of the water with that thing, especially if you could attach a gopro to it.

That would be some great footage, so my thing would be. I would like to fly like rc planes and jets and stuff like that. That would be really cool like a blue angel jet. I see one in the store not too long ago, not but for real you’re kind of limited to the areas you can do that around here so because you can’t drive it over roads and government property and places like that all right sideways. His camera died on us, so we had to call it quits for recording today. Um hope you guys enjoyed this video gave me a little bit of a perspective as to how the rc world is like. Well, that being said, y’all hope you guys have a great fantastic day. I hope you guys stay blessed hope you guys hope something. Nice happens to y’all today.