I had to look it up in Japanese. It means monster or monster truck and a bunch of other things, but it means a big guys, truck and we're here to test Redcats new monster truck. So let's get to it, try to keep it real here, so red cat racing in the past, I would have told you you're an idiot to buy one. Why? Mostly because it was just a very low end product that hit a price point had a bunch of features. But really, if you ask me, I would say, yeah probably buy something else: that's all changed and it's changed recently. They got an injection of fresh people, fresh ideas and some of the stuff coming out of them now is downright good and we're, starting with the kaiju, the Japanese monster, oh very scary, or like Street Fighter Hadouken, or something like that, but we're here to test. It goes up to success, craziness and a big truck right here, we're on 4s, but let's get to the chassis, the chassis it's, a big plastic tub kind of combines everything in there. If you squint, it looks like another truck that we just tested, but overall the quality of this when you open, it is pretty damn good, probably on the good side of everything, high quality, looking plastics, the speed control and the motor are quality units. You get a good radio, you get big tires. It gets metal axles overall, a pretty good kaiju truck and that's, not just a good truck for red cat racing it's, a good truck overall, big arms, big plastic big wheels we're into it.

We love to bash and when we bash things we break it. So when we go out to test these things and despite just the video clips you see, we actually run this more it's, not just four minutes of us running into stuff, but we're here to test it the front arms. You get a couple adjustments, turnbuckles. The plastic looks a little thin in spots, so you know we're kind of hesitant on if it can really take a beating on success because that's a lot of power to put through this truck the rear arms on the bottom. You could see the hinge pins we'd like to see a little bone meat on the outside of those arms. This is a basher it's going to the craps gon na be beaten out of it and kaiju monster style. So you know maybe some upgrades later rpm hey. If you listen and make some arms for this be from up on the bottom, because to be perfectly honest to you, we did break an arm and a servo horn in the first four minutes of running the truck. Now we do run them a little rough, especially for videos. We try to get something dramatic, which usually ends in something breaking, but many of the trucks we've had haven't had that issue right off the start, but we put a new servo horn on seven dollars for new arms and we returned to running and to be honest To you, we didn't break it again, so called a fluke called of hey it broke, but it broke on the inside of the arm, not where we mentioned before.

We thought it's too thin. If we look at the root of our servo horn strip edge, it usually probably comes down to the servo saver tension it's, either too loose or too tight, and if it's too loose the truck doesn't steer and you save your servo if it's too tight. If you crash at 30 miles an hour, it's gon na stress the servo horn, the little plastic splines don't last so be sure to check your servo horn and your servo saver to see if it's set at the right tension. We'Re gon na do a video on how to set that in the future. At the price point of this truck, which they list on their website is 400 bucks, it's a steal, it's full of details like front and rear LEDs. That light up. When you drive, you don't, have to add them aluminum shocks with threaded collars plastic caps. So you may want to change those 6s ready. You can run it on 4s – probably three us as well, but overall, even the wheels have red cat Racing stamped on them. The rubbers soft, pretty good truck you get Hobby, winged electronics, which is now a premium feature used to be not but now you're getting a quality system. This pinion gears looks like it may be, like a 10 to 3, Elise mall, but that's, because they're gon na put job they're, expecting you to put 6s in this car. The big thing about the success that we found is that the battery compartment doesn't take to thicker 3s packs, so you have to figure out how to get in there, the wheelie bar and here's.

What I like for position, big rubber, wheels, bearings on the inside and it's, set up high, some of the monster truck. So you get have it low and when you're bashing it's always hitting the back of the truck it's and it's, really distressing the chassis out and ready to break it more than it should so. If you're gon na pop a rad wheelie, you got it way up in the air and you're just gon na you know ride the rear, wheels and hit a curb somewhere. Probably we started photos and video at Joe's backyard track called the farm and Yucaipa invite only so you can try to get in there. Maybe you can't, but we just do some handling tests and feel how natural it feels so jumping was pretty decent to speed. Control reacted pretty well it's sensor list, so it's, never gon na be perfect, but not abrupt enough to really make it hard to drive, steering a little bit of push and turn in problems, but it's a truck big wheels it's not really made to go on the Track, but on power really dug in and kind of rotated on power, more than off a little push off power, what we really had fun doing and most people gon na do this. We just went to an empty lot and we found a puddle like a kid. We just stomped through it for a full pack. I even had another truck in there just for comparison and some fun video, but really is nothing more fun than just hydroplaning through a big puddle and seeing this truck rip wheelies throw water in the air drive through it and not give a flying F.

A side. Note is this truck still has the broken arm on it when we were doing the video, because we didn't have that seven dollar arm at the time of testing. So really we just snapped it back on the hinge, pin and kept beating the piss out of this thing, and you know what to be honest. It kept going, and even with that broken arm, we got to pop it in every once in a while dog will never popped out again, so I mean take it for what it is. The full review of this is an issue. ' velocity RC cars magazine check. It out subscribe hook it up it's only nine dollars a year. You get 37 back issues. Christ is so cheap. I mean I don't even have enough to cut my hair or buy a beer anymore help it out, but just subscribers looks hit that stupid Bell. Everybody isn't about do, I have to say it hit the bell. So let's go and here's the little extra actual do with its competitors. We test with other things to see Larry you, you hey, you made it this far and you might be wondering.