‘. Almost all day, okay, be careful! Oh, what the what’s up! I opened it up upside down, Music. Okay, give me well actually, oh, my god, it’s bigger than i remember, Music i’ll, put a link in the description. This is from amazon holy crap dave, ray updated it, because this is a different box than i remember, because back in 2012, mine was blue. It should be, i think i got the blue one. It was a blue or silver or maybe yeah. I believe it was silver, but this one looks red and blue. This is what you get included. I got that take it on my controller, see when i had mine back in 2012, i already never thought about doing or 2011 2012. I never really thought about doing videos on this. This is what i had a long time ago. As you can see, this is where i ordered it. Oh, my last name doesn’t matter so there’s, my truck i just bought today and then here’s, the one back in february, okay february 3012., that’s what it looked like right there. If i click on it, it’s just like what i got up the updated version, so oh my gosh, waterproof, servo or brush esc, i mean so i can stick between the n. I m h and lipo batteries. Waterproof dust proof, it’s got 550 size. 19 turn motor large heatsink for cooling. Now. Can i get this off because, okay, i got it where i want it.

This is like a review open box video, but i don’t really know much about it. I don’t think i know i could tell you that this is the upgraded version back before when i had it. When i had it was pretty much a uh rundown pos. I like the brims rims, are the same but that’s new with the red cat inside. I think mine was blue but or maybe it’s like a greenish blue or light blue. Like the picture showed this Music look at this monster, they do zip tied, hang on real, quick, all right all right. So me and my daughter here, she’s gon na be my little helper yes and do the honors and pull the body off just grab right here and lift up on it, careful yep. Just like that pretty i know a lot of people like i got ta read directions which i’m gon na do i don’t know like i said i don’t know much about this truck anymore, holy cow. These things looks super sick. What the heck i see the zip tie right down in the world there we go now. I should use just lift it up and pull it out of the box. How do you know these? Are oil filled shocks? Man, look how awesome! This thing looks for 150 bucks plus 10 dollars ship it about 160.. That is awesome and i love the suspension because it’s super super, but later on upgrade it i’m gon na be buying a different chassis for it, where it’s, aluminum and it’s gon na be purple and then for the front, rear, trailing arms and stuff like that or It’S going to be all upgraded to purple as well, because it’s matched this this thing’s going to be tricked out when i’m done with it uh it’s got a 200 like not like.

Well, lithium, i think, is what they call them. I’M, not one percent sure i got ta hate when they do that. I think it’s, a two thousand yeah two hundred two thousand, not too bad. I forget with an epic it’s nithium. I think that’s, how you say these batteries ain’t too bad, not sure. I know i don’t know what uh percentage of life of batteries these motors and esc can handle. But i do know this is pretty sweet and i can’t wait to drive it and i will drive in this book. Freaking video almost said epping and i would drive it in this video, so Music, because i’ve seen a lot of people doing, reviews and different things with these trucks and i’m, like you guys, ain’t gon na drive it and show you i wish it came with batteries. The controller but it doesn’t, so i can use some mine – oh jeez, oh my god, you’re serious. So here we go. Oh, maybe that’s what the stickers are for yeah. This is four drive. I don’t like the tires, though they’re not like they’re squishy, but not not super soft, not too thrilled about that. That’S meant to be different. Maybe i put my 110 scale tires on that’d be kind of cool. Finally, i get to use, but i will buy a different body for this later on, i mean that’s cool body. Don’T, get me wrong, it’s pretty cool, but what about a chevy blazer as a body for this? It may be a little bit expensive for the body, but i don’t care, so i got some spare parts.

I picked up what these these are for, and this is for antenna right here. I’M gon na leave it like it is all right, let’s see what house it rides. Actually what well yeah i need my batteries and controller first, but you know this is different. When i had was just a plain, jane basic thing, didn’t have any of this fancy stuff. At least i don’t know it’s been a long time, so i don’t really remember. I do know i drove mine in the snow and the esc took a poop, and then i contacted the people who makes for a cat, told them about it say: hey i bought this off. Uh, amazon and don’t know, if you guys, will replace it or have to buy one, because i don’t know where to get one. The guy i talked to asked for my address and her thing. He would send me a new esc. Then i got a new one and then a little bit later on the road i saw it. Toronto sold it because i didn’t really care for it anymore. Didn’T realize i could upgrade the battery didn’t realize i could buy parts see i’m still new at the rc community, like where you can upgrade stuff, which i didn’t know because i’m used to like you, go to walmart and you buy a walmart toy and that’s it. But that’s what i’m used to, but when i got into wpl i didn’t know then that’s.

When i realized you can upgrade rc trucks and then i realized you can upgrade one of these and i’m. Like you know what i can’t find my nitro uh truck game. More like i had cuz it’s obsolete, they don’t make it anymore. I found this one again on amazon. I went to see if i can find it and i could buy it again and i’m, like yeah i’m, hurt jumping on this. Before anything happens. To this let’s see so you guys staring reverse normal, which is i’m gon na. Have my new normal forward with reverse is normal, so it looks like this is already tuned, so all i have to do is plug in the banana connectors. So i just turn it on and it’s all connected looks like the servo needs, adjusted. Okay, wait what’s! This! For steering dual oh steering rate, does that mean like okay, it doesn’t do nothing slow, okay, i’m, gon na give time to give it uh, adjust it here and go from there. Okay, i found out what this is. The steering dual rate means how far you one turn and everything like that. So now, i’m gon na set this bad boy in the ground suggested some more though, but i can’t steer no more nose. Okay, i want justice more okay, so far i got it. Trimmed really good works well, i’m ready to go play with this thing.