Red cat must like us to Google things, because I had no idea what a when to go. Wendy go when to go once i had a google it it's, some scary ice monster eats flesh blah blah blah. It just means bigger monster. Eating flesh winter thing, so is this a big monster flesh eating rock racer i'm, not sure, but it satisfies something that a rock crawler or a scaler can't. It goes faster, but does that mean it's, better we're testing red cats do when to go RTR to see if putting bigger, tires in and stuffing more power and makes any sense? If you were asking me, hey Derek what's, the difference between a rock racer and a rock crawler. My answer would be a long pause, because, realistically, what it is is bigger tires in this case a motor and gearing that goes faster than eight miles an hour or ten or whatever they can do. But the sacrifice is here: this is based on Redcats, gen8 chassis, it's, a ladder frame, solid, axles, front and rear. You get some huge sidewall tires more like you run a 38 s on a jeep overall. Looking at it, it looks pretty good and I'll have to admit that red cat has really been putting out some quality. Looking products and much like the kaiju monster truck that we just tested the quantum quality materials is much higher. It doesn't look as plasticky it's got more nylon, fill in the plastic more composite.

Looking you get aluminum shocks all around upgrades everywhere, where you can kind of see them, and it makes for an overall for the price at 389 bucks. You kind of sit here and scratch your head away. What am I missing? Why is this so cheap, but sometimes you're gon na realize why I ask why it's cheap it's just cheaper and that's a good thing for all of us, because that that price is really appealing first off the body, the whole look is pretty the badass you've got This kind of like retro, look Branko lish body in a nice blue with the drivers and everything and overall it's, just a really good looking product. So let's get into a few details of the the kit itself. It'S got a center transmission and hidden in there is a slipper adjustment which i think is really critical, because we had an issue with the truck where we broke a drive axle. But I really think that the slippers too tight so that little black plug you see kind of in the middle. You should really check and kind of get it loose first and then tighten it back up. So you don't run into any issues it's needed, but the motor is placed upfront similar to the gen8 crawler for weight, distribution and a transmission in the front which is connected to a centered transfer case, which then transfers the power to the rear wheels. So it's sort of like a realistic engine in the front transmission in the middle and then power going both directions: it's kind of cool it's good for rock crawling rock racing we'll see this is the rear.

Axles. They'Re plastic spline they're pretty strong, but this is where the issue occurred on our truck. We did snap one of those in mild bashing. I wouldn't even call it extreme, but this is the kind of the downfall of solid axle monster, truck and speed and power. The steering is upfront similar to the gen 8 that it's, not behind the axle steering it's in front. We did run into another little issue: it's, not an issue it's just that you've got to really check endpoints and do write on this truck to make sure that you're not over extending the steering arm, make sure it's centered out of the box and also that the Dual rate doesn't allow it to push the servo past the end, the stop points or you're gon na stress the servo and break things we get a little bonus points here does have threaded aluminum body shocks with an aluminum cap. You can see there's nine height in angle, adjustments for the shocks and obviously you can adjust preload and Springs to kind of adjust. The performance of the car on the on the course or rocks, or whatever you're running on the kit, comes with standard aluminum hexes. With a little pin. You can see the bearings held by screws in there. A little gon na complain a little bit here. Those hexes fall off, take the wheel off and then the pin also slides out so be careful. When you're taking the wheel off and checking tension, you could lose that pin and then your three wheel drive so just check on it and look into upgrading to clamped hubs hexes in the future.

Just a quick rundown of some of the other parts on the kit. So a four link suspension. You got good, looking bumpers, the steering a good throw this. The radio needs to be upgraded, need to end point adjustments almost critical there's the bump stop. I was talking about making sure you're, not overextending servos, so let's get to performance rock racing. What does it mean? I don't really know because if you really want to take it to what it means is, I should be bombing over big rocks that you'd be crawling on that's impossible, because we're, an RC car and big rocks it just doesn't work. So we went to a kind of open field like a desert runner with some rocky areas, and the first thing I'm gon na tell you is this: has a major torque twist when you we tested on 3s, when you punch the throttle the thing twists in a Circle it will roll over it will backflip it's, pretty unstable that's. Just part of the game and 3s is probably too much power. I'M gon na recommend that if you want to kind of keep the cool you put it on to us, we just went for three us cos said: hey, you can run it, so we put it in so. Another thing is: is that it doesn't really like the turn. So if you're going fast and turn prepare to roll over, you can be a good driver and counter steal or a steer and try to catch everything.

But, to be honest with you, it's got a high center of gravity that the sidewalls on the tires are soft, which means it flexes so if to grab something. It'S gon na have a tendency to turn, especially because all that torque from the motor is twisting the chassis to the extreme like vanilla, ice yo. But in the end that's part of the appeal of this truck. And it was pretty fun when, in our little play area that we made up here, we tested on some rocks and I, like I said I wouldn't, recommend then you're not gon na find a rocky ravine and run through it at a high speed. You'Re going to break critical, you test the slipper, because in this bass session we did break the center rear, drive input and stopped our fun. We got the parts and put them back in, but you just need to pay attention to this. Our full review of this kit is in issue number forty, so pick it up. So I can explain more of what went on, but overall here's what I'm gon na say for three hundred eighty nine bucks. This thing looks: badass it's, pretty fast it's, pretty durable, it's gon na break. We had a pre production kit, so maybe we got a lemon. I don't know we just broke one part, not a big deal, but the full review is in issue forty 389, pretty good. Looking truck, you know, take it for what it is like, I said, Rock racers I mean you know: rock a quick Rock Crawler is probably a more of an accurate description.

So just take it easy and have a good time. Don'T forget we just passed all that crap back there. Click like subscribe watch us on YouTube. We'Re doing stupid live stuff. Now I don't know what else to do. You know I'll come over your house and slap you in the face and then steal your car. No way to do that, just click.