We just got a package from the guys up at rage, rc repair. Hopefully this is going to help our shredder let’s, get to it: y’all, Music, Music, all righty y’all. So, like i said in the intro, we got a package of springs specifically made for the redcat shredder. Here i bought these from rage. Rc repair, i’ll, leave a link down to the facebook group for them and all the ordering information. If you want some of these decently priced, considering everything’s made here in america and all that, but my biggest problem right now and most of us that own these shredders the stock springs, are really really soft. So these guys decided to do something about it. Get this body out of the way so right now the front is loaded with 70 weight tlr oil. What is it 318 or 19? 310 cst? I use these oils in all of my trucks and then the rear is 100 weight, so 1, 325 cst and right now the rear shocks. The preload is turned all the way down and it’s still super soft. The front same thing: they sit super super low and these springs just aren’t doing it. So we got these springs i’m, going to swap them out and we’re going to do a before and after test with a drop test and then i’m going to take seamus out here and we’re going to go, beat the crap out of them and see how.

Well, these springs do so i’m going to swap these springs out, i’ll bring it right back, alrighty y’all, so that was super. Easy, quick swap over only took about five minutes, and now the front has no preload whatsoever. It’S turned there’s just a little gap in between the collar and the shock cap. The rear now i’ve only got maybe an eighth of an inch, possibly a quarter, it’s really not much at all, compared to where it was way. All the way down here and watch that springs right back up the way it’s supposed to be so i’m gon na show you a couple clips real quick of the drop test. I’M gon na do over here in front of the garage door and then we’re gon na get out to driving. This thing see how it handles let’s get to that part: Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, me, Music, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, hmm, hey well springs – are working great. Of course they had a solder that got a little warm and came undone. So now the motor is cogging weird, but we’ll get that fixed anyway, like subscribe, share, comment check out rage, rc, the springs are awesome, loving these things already and uh.