So this is what it looks like it comes in this nice box and it is super shiny and just look at it looks like it does come with the screw in it and see here. It says it has 444 ounces of torque and also, if you look inside the box, take this out, you get some stickers and the different arms that you can put on it. One two three four and some extra hardware to put in those. I guess so today we are going to be installing it in our tx4 bronco, because i needed to take the server out of this to put in the stampede 4×4 vxl, because the server went out on it. So hopefully this is the right number of teeth. So we can just bolt it right up. Let’S get started alright, guys now that we’ve got it out of the box. Let’S turn it on and make sure it works first before we have to do make any modifications to it. So i’ve got my battery plugged in my radio is on and the servo’s plugged in and the truck is on there. It is it’s working, it doesn’t have a wine to it like the savak servos do, and it is pretty fast too all right. So now that we know that it works let’s, throw it in the truck all right guys, we’re out here on the course and let’s test and see how good this new servo is all right.

So i did have to make some modifications to the servo. I had to drill out the two holes with facing the wire and i also had to shave the holes wider. On the other side, i even put on the bigger tires, so we’ll have to work harder got some muddy tires. There we go here’s a new part of the course Music and you’ll see the whole course on the 100 subscriber video, so stay tuned for that don’t forget to subscribe, so we can get there sooner. Music. Oh got stuck on this, but it’s so much quieter than the savak surveys, all right, here’s, our rock course all right let’s see how it does on some rocks. You can just see how much torque this thing has look at that Music. Here we go Music, Music, Music, Music, wow, guys they’re so fro is amazing. Just has so much more power than the sci savage servos that we were running before and it is fully waterproof Music Applause ugh. You can just see how much speed this thing has crazy amount, that’s how you do a bronco style. Thank you guys for watching this servo honestly stands up to what it claims. It is fast. It is also quiet, waterproof and has loads of torque. I would definitely recommend the servo, especially for the price, because i’ve seen ex more expensive servos out there. So, thank you guys for watching don’t forget to subscribe and like because Music, the sooner we get to 100 subscribers.

The sooner you guys get to see the 100 subscriber video and we’re gon na be showcasing the crawler course and some four wheelers and go karts and our racing track for our traxxas stampede and other fast trucks.