Bob Weber, Auto Mart comm. We could save you between five and ten thousand dollars on your next. Almost new car purchase I’m Michael Burke – and this is money talks you hi I’m here with Bob Kramer owner founder of creative, auto restyling and sunroofs. I had to look at that, but the acronym is cars, so I think I got that right at 3000, romain Avenue right, correct we’re here, we’re gon na lead off the show talking about remote car, starter and I’ll. Explain why in a minute, but then we’re going to go into some of the other parts of your business as well. The the reason I wanted to do a show about remote car starter x’ is because two things one is we’ve had this absolutely brutal winter and I was curious about whether more people are having them installed and also um. I bought a car about a year ago that had an after has an aftermarket car, starter and it’s, just a beautiful thing and works unbelievably well, and so I have this awareness of them, but let’s Bob. Why don’t you tell how how the remote car starter work and what what’s connecting this remote device and what’s happening inside the car? Well, this antenna goes up by your rear view, mirror and then that picks up the signal from whichever remote you push and then that sends the signal that what is hooked up to this and then that turns your starter on base.

Is that a radio signal but it’s radio signal, yes, okay, and so that makes the same connections as if you were sitting in the car with eternity correct, and where does this get installed? This goes underneath the steering column. On the driver’s side, there are a ton of wires. There are a whole how big of an installation job is this. First of all, you don’t use all the wires that are on here. Oh just a you know a portion of them because each car is different. So yet you don’t need them all: okay, it’s, probably a two two and a half hour job depending on vehicle mm. Hmm, the there are couple different remote units on here. Why don’t you explain what the options are well on this one. This is known as a two way and that has a little picture of a car, and so when you push the button to start your car, it comes back and tells you that that’s running on that little LCD screen. Okay and so then you can. You can shut it off that same way, pushing that button. The same way if you didn’t want the car to run sake or it would automatically shut off in. We set them for 20 minutes or you can shut it off remotely right, oh that’s, fancier than mine. Yes, it’s just a simple press: it once press it twice and a little tiny light lights up and it starts the car, but it doesn’t it doesn’t do anything more than that.

Most of them not do so. Maybe you don’t, you know, even though you have that feature that really think yeah, so usually he seems to have one button usually hit it. The same way that you started: oh really, yeah, so yeah what’s it how many what’s your season four, these things. Obviously, this is going to be mostly a seasonal kind of installation when you start seeing people come through the door or calling and what’s the frequency of installations typically well, usually start the middle of November, probably when it starts getting once we get our first cold snap. People start realizing and then, as we get into December, a lot of people like to give them for Christmas gifts, oh yeah, so don’t come in here and then buy the unit and they’ll take this unit home and wrap it up and put it underneath the tree For their child or wife or whatever, and then and then they put it in at a later date, then after they’ve opened it oh yeah, and how many of these do typically install like in a week or a day on average. Probably you know four or five a week and then that last was really cold on that last, oh yeah. Depending on why don’t we get our warm snap now, oh yeah, then people will stop putting them in uh huh, and are you seeing more demand this winter? Because it’s so cool well, this winter’s been yeah extra cold, so yeah there’s been more and what does it cost now? What are the and what are the levels of cost options? Well, the basic one which isn’t with the two way remote, would be around 300 dollars installed, and then this one with the two way would be three ninety five and then this also has an alarm option.

You could add the whole alarm feature with it, and then that would be 495 mmm yeah one of the little uh things to get used to with these, and I discovered a couple times by accident. Is you have to remember to well, of course your your car it’s starting a locked car, and so you put your key in the in the door and you turn the key, and now the door is up and you get in. You have to remember to put your key in and turn the key before you depress the brake right, and I did that wrong a couple of times. It just automatically hit the brake and then that’ll shut it off using we’ve done. Then you have to yeah. You also there’s also a summertime reason to have one of these. Why don’t you mention their air conditioning yeah air conditioned, so you can do the same thing. I have their air conditioning arrington get in a nice cool car. The other feature has to whether you have to heat or the air on. If you go to a convenience store and you want to get out and go in, you can just push that button twice while it’s running just like, as if you started it and then turn that key out and go in and your vehicle doesn’t even shut down. Really, and even if you don’t, lock your doors, if somebody were to hop in there as soon as they put their foot on the brake, it would kill.

Oh yeah, so that’s a nice feature. Oh yeah! Try that so do you ever hear feedback from people after they have had one installed? You know we’re just telling you what it’s like to now have a car that they can start from inside the home or whatever oh yeah, people, love them and ania. You know they tell their friends and then their friends say you know you put one in for my friend and I want one so that’s a lot of repeat there mmm because of people telling other people mmhmm yeah. That is only kind of a small part of your business, though, although it’s it’s, the seasonal reason that I wanted to come and do that show. But let’s move on to what’s. Actually, the lion’s share of your business, which is upholstery primarily auto upholstery, but a little broader than that yeah. Well, how long have you been doing I’m sure there’s, a real? I know there’s a real skill today, I’ve seen your work table and the sewing machines and all of the different pieces lying around. When did you learn that skill? How long did it take you to become adept at it? Well, you know every day is a learning process, but I started this in this business in they’re doing this business in October of 73, okay and so and that’s. When I started putting on vinyl tops and then I learned how to sew vinyl tops and then I because those are just straight lines and then eventually learned how to do seats which are more complicated mm.

Hmm, you know anything that is upholstered now I do. You know Restaurant booths bar stools, whatever anybody needs, so motorcycle seats in the spring is big: oh yeah, yeah, so yeah, and now these old cars here two of those yeah but that’s. The reason we’re sitting in front of this, because this is a job you’re doing right correct. Obviously somebody did a beautiful job, a restoration job. What kind of car is this? This is a 1927 Chrysler, uh huh, it’s, beautiful wood, spokes wooden steering, wheel and and and so you’re replacing the whole interior floor summit here and the top there’s. This gets a vinyl top on it, then up and the headliner and yeah the whole inside carpets summits. Everything I’m. How often you do something like that: a restoration of a classic car – oh pretty often oh, really, yeah, then that’s mainly a wintertime activity. Rex that’s, when people don’t want to have their classic cars out on the streets anyway, right yeah, they want to drive them in the summer, so that’s pretty common in a winter that I would have a project like this mm, hmm but I’m sure most of your Upholstery business is just things wearing out and getting beaten through use for kids and dogs and things like right, yeah yeah. Now what are the what’s? The range of materials that you’re applying when you’re doing upholstery with what kinds of materials do you use? Leather yeah, leather, there’s, leather, on this 48 Chrysler stuff and with cloth and there’s also vinyl on the sides where you don’t see it.

So all three pieces are used on this 48 and the leather, the cloth and the vinyl mm. Hmm so yeah there’s a variety of different materials we use. If somebody was to reupholster their vehicle four door vehicle. What length of time should they expect to have the car in your shop? Well, if it’s, you know, I work other things in between a big project. So you know it might be in here three four weeks. You know because I work my my smaller stuff, my dealer work and whatever in between some mm. Hmm. That strikes me as something a lot. Some people couldn’t afford to have their car in the shop for three four weeks you ever rush a job and and what would that? How long would that take? Well, anybody who’s planning on having the whole interior done knows. It’S gon na take a little bit of time. Okay, they’re, probably they rent a car or something like that. They plan yeah what’s, the what’s, the cost starting point for a reupholstering vehicle hold interior, probably starting at 2000 mm. Hmm yeah and you said that’s uh more than half your businesses is the upholstery yeah great. You also do let’s talk about a couple of your other services. You do tinting of windows and windshields window tinting. Yes – and I learned something interesting from you before the show – which is that – maybe I should have known this, but it’s illegal in Wisconsin to tint your windshield.

But what can you do with a windshield? You can put the strip across the very top of it. A four inch strip, which is known as an eyebrow, no that’s, that you can put up there mm hmm, and so, when you’re, when you’re tinting a car, you’re, typically doing all the side windows and maybe a maybe an eyebrow strip or something and the back window. Yes, uh huh, how long a job would that be is nxm day two hours? Okay, so that’s the same day thing job it off the morning got back yeah and what does that start? It cost 4 car is 195 before all the windows would be two and a quarter if you needed an eyebrow strip. Okay, you also do repairs of some roofs, primarily not installation, because a lot of cars come with servers. Well, I still do installation sure I’m always I’m back there, yeah um, so yeah I install them besides. Repairing them. They’Re not put my first son orphan in 1977. In a 77 Olds Cutlass that’s that’s got to be a tricky process. I would think you’re cutting through the metal of the roof, you’re, probably working with what rubber seals all the way around or something well, the seals all come attached to the sunroof unit, so once you cut your hole in the car and set the roof in there, I mean all your rubber seals and everything are pretty much attached to that and they’d just bolt that sunroof in basically and then stretch the headliner over the hole and trim it out.

And so there we go suppose like a very exacting job, yes of cambium, and then these are, I mean, are they reflect Abul or they they pop up into open position, or I have three four different styles. Actually, the pop up is a class and that pops up in the back, let’s air out or you can take the glass off. Then the next one would be the glass electric Chilton slide above the roof at the back of that pops up and down slides. On top of the rope mm, hmm you’ll see a lot of new cars like that mm hm and then also I have the one that drops down and slides underneath the roof and retracts fully. It opens up all the way yeah, okay and you had mentioned you – do a lot of probably more repairs than installs, though on those yeah, I do a lot of repairs for the factory ones that are leaking or stopped working or on whatever so yeah. I do a lot of repairs besides installing them and and very briefly in the last minute, or so we have did we miss anything of the very services that you offer here. You do any much of the like. Pickup tricks, a lot of truck accessories. You out the tunnel covers and step tubes on the sides, whatever whatever truck accessories. There are mostly tunnel covers and stuff yeah well, um, Bob Kramer of creative, auto restyling and some roofs or cars as an acronym thanks for being on the show – and I hope, if people hadn’t thought about to remote car starter, maybe I’ll give it some thought and It’S not that unaffordable and I can testify they’re great.

That is really a treat to have yes, yeah yeah. So thanks Bob thanks for watching. Thanks to our producer, Greg shaver and please remember mone tux. I am Matt Collins I’d like to welcome you to Bob Weber, Auto work and Douglas Avenue here and resina crescent of this park. We specialize in one year old, low mileage, almost no cars and, if you’d like to stop by and see them or see them on our website. Bob Weber Auto Mart comm. We could see between five and ten thousand dollars on your next.