So our projects today is we’re going to install an oxime cross 2 series just release this, and I want to go through it with you guys, say, LED light bar it’s got a cool function, though, that many don’t it has a color change, multimode function built in So you’re going to tackle this here in a minute and see if we get this posted up. So the first thing to take a look at the components, see what’s in the box: we’ll go through that and then we’ll tackle the wiring okay. So just real quick run through of what’s in the box. Of course, we have. The 20 inch LED bar comes right out slick unit, so you got the mounting form settings aside, Laurens convinced in to single out. You can see that goes into the supplied, harness pretty generous leaves there, so you get plenty room to to extend it back into the cab as you like control box. This is a controller that will then work off of these functions from the remote here now. If I understand the functionality correct, you can actually work this from the app on your phone, so you can use these remote or your phone hardware included that’s, both Allen, inches oscar’s ginger supply they’re, two different types of mount. I think we’re going to go with this set of mounts here, I’m built on the front of the one a week, series bumper and then a couple of sled lenses to he decided to go that route.

You can actually use the sled lenses on the face of the bar we’ve got options there, for you guys so play a little quick walkthrough of the install and we’ll get underway. All right, so we’ve got Gilbert here. He’S decided we’re going to go right here on the top side of this Elite Series. Bumper it’ll go right for the winch, should Center up nicely, give some good coverage and punch a couple holes there in the bumper, Ralpha wiring and then they’ll get into wizardry mode with all the electrical components and make this bad boy work: Music, Music, Music. Okay, you almost got the install done. Is it square there? Is the alignment done? So if we run through the wiring, just real quick, what you do you mend a wiring is really a simple setup. Pretty much you have you heart, you ground, your relay and basically holidays. Do it. You know you are anything pretty complete. I mean the control box, everything the relays are all included in the wiring harness, essentially basically who says it’s, terminated and then router terminator right on the way that way I did, it would take its cover up right here around your wiring through the back, and you Found those the hole in the firewall ran that into a switch there in the dash panel. When you think about as simple as that I’m on this and anything no sir, I mean pretty much you plug this cover back on their cover, everything back, yeah, everything’s, sure everything just went to the earth through the firewall when we came into which here we are, You can see your other 15 off right now with them behind a plug here we can really good.

I put your sweeps right here where you had all the accessories so pretty much on and off button and if you don’t sure there’s a good job, it looks really good. Giver I’ll shake that and run through the test when they just come. Look at the different modes and looks pretty flawless to me: buddy. Yes, sir let’s get on that on let’s. Keep that remote. Here we go okay, so for our different modes, obviously powered on on the remote one. You can fade the brightness down going to kick that down a little bit this doesn’t blow out. So much got all your different color scheme. You go solid, go red, green, blue and then within that you can do the different transitions. Do a flash between the color stroke pattern, smooth pattern there and then the fade and then all the different color gradients within that when your remote and obviously can take it back to white and you brighten us from there so full power right. There can’t beat that. Obviously, a bunch of different variations and then get for parking good for driving. Everything in between so good do elimination, test and check this bad boy out yeah. It does ok, so we’re going to find an abandoned little strip here in the dark. People can set up an elimination test, trolley step up for about a hundred yards, and I see how the light does so. Do comparison. Compare the 20 inch oxygen white with the rigid pods and the 40 inch rigid LED bar as well just for comparisons.

They can see how each of them do in relation to the other okay. So we pulled up dark toute, got parking, lots on here, go ahead and do a comparison initially run headlights. You can see that the headlights on low beam and if you look down there Ian go son Joey. He is down there. I promise you that 100 yards that’s it off so that’s headlights right there willow go back to parking, lots and then we’ll hit the Ox beam. 20 inch LED bar that’s, the the LED bar. You can see him standing down there in red at set a hundred steps, so gives you an idea about visibility and under charge, so that is a 20 inch bar just getting comparison to some of the other lots of got on here. So that’s. The 20 inch bar we’ll go to the rigid pods we’ve got two rigid pods on their. Obviously, you can’t see him just applause, the big improvement over the rigid pod and then we’ll go to the 40 inch reach it up top. You see that significantly broader, but obviously it’s significantly larger too. So there is a good hit. Comparison on each of those 20s does pretty well for a small compact unit there. I think it does good so pretty pleased with that all remote control set it up and use it externally or perviously. Sit. Keep in mind of ox being calm can go some actual xxx trauma that you can go.

You know a promo code of a you x, x, x, LED that gives you 10 percent off your next work. So if you do that anything over 30 dollars get 10 percent of that off by using the AU, xxx LED promo code and say that on your next order, there’s make sure you get over and check that out. If you can find a place for this class P series and near Arsenal somewhere too so definitely impressed about the installation. Overall, illuminations really good super impressed with this. So hopefully you guys trying to push this and include it in your arsenal.