If you love this video, please like share and subscribe. Thank you for looking at it and support. If you like the video and comment, if you liked the video and actually subscribe so guys, were now gon na start opening, this ive got some stuff beautiful stuff, like maggie hold the buttons im gon na put the batteries down there heres my remote guys. It turns on and off you cant see the red thing. Im gon na take up my car im going to unscrew my car from this box, so im going to take it out and guys. As you know, every toy car has these screws that you have to take so im going to unscrew them. Hey guys, look i got my app. You cheated dont, screw them unscrew this and then ill unscrew. The rest then im going to take my car out and put the batteries in again, you did Music in because im going to put my batteries in im, going to put the batteries in guys, these guys are going. My batteries im going to take them out. Music. Oh im, just going to put this back on this Music, i can drive my car so guys look come on put the car down cause. I got ta turn it now, hes on to work guys im going to turn my car on. So this is the button. So put it up so now im going to put my card on here, and this is the button that we need to click.

So im going to click goes, so it is so. First i have to click this there. My two my wheels turn. I love it. Now, im gon na do a youtube Music. Thank you. I can see guys. I guess he used to love the cells. I was gon na drive. You guys over guys guys the car wants to say hi, look at this car guys! Look at it. I got it. I got it, i got it. It took me so long. Well, just wait ready right here! Condom wait! Im coming im coming come on running away, so guys i set my car up before his, but he is the fastest eating champion, but i am the fastest setting of something jumping so guys were gon na be racing now with our cars. Okay, lets get ready on lets, set them up. No guys look hes controlling my phone, follow them guys. Music Applause! Oh so, is gone. Oh, oh, my god, Music, oh Music, my oh, my gosh Music. Why did you have to do that? Im? The one gon na help Laughter so guys now were going to be driving and racing each other, so were going to turn back one three two one come on: oh guys, thats. What will happen if youre go down Music, Music, guys, guys comment down below guys. Guys comment down below with what are these guys name called theyre, both the same names called now hes coming? This is his second life Music.

Music lets go play. Do you want travel 10? Yes, okay, do you know how to drive it? Go, go! Go! Oh! Music! Bye guys guys this is so fun: okay, Music, im, gon na teach him how to uh play okay, so this is forward Music, Music. Oh, i have no control im too far away so guys we enjoyed a lot today and i hope you guys enjoyed too please like share and subscribe and comment. If you love this video, so guys were gon na end the video right here we had a lot of fun. Making this video today make sure to like share and subscribe. The most one was a special discard like share subscribe. We had a lot of fun, but not me, you did Laughter because he didnt get to play and youre gon na get to play after the video so guys.