Let her bite you she’s betting, the horse she’s fighting the horse. Thank you, you’re welcome! You all got a straw in here. For me, okay he’s got the food. Do we have candles yeah, you guys want to all blow out the candles. At the same time, nobody spits on the cake, though tucker tucker, congratulations to christy and cole yeah, one two, three whoa they’re having another baby that was cute. Who wants cakes? What is that? Oh look ahead? Tucker’S going for it? Oh did he look at his smile. If you feel full you don’t have to eat it all. Okay and remember: go! Are you dizzy yet? Oh my gosh, all right last thing: we’re going to do guys is pinata. Okay, see the pinata over there hanging in the tree, yeah all right, everybody put their blindfold on okay, we can’t be cheating. The pinata is right in front of you, lift up your blindfold and look now now attack the harder you hit it. The more candy comes out guys. We stopped dropping candy a long time ago, they’re motivated from pure evil. They don’t care about the candy they just want to. They just want to beat up call. We couldn’t afford a regular pinata that’s why we had to get the manual one normally they’re automatic, but this one was manual so acoustic uh, perfect size. For your call, oh thank you michael who says for your call eli i’m. Trusting in you that you put these freaking in the studs, not in the drywall, yes, can i just as soon as you hit it with your head? Can i just curds man i’ll, get a stupid, crap off damn you’re right, no good, hey just jump through the wall! I’Ll! Do it whoa don’t touch it.

It was like this before yep. Oh, look at that still works. You can be carefully destructive all right. So cole’s at the hospital right now they think they’re gon na actually gon na have his kid and i think they’re actually gon na. Let us in the room with them, so we’re gon na see how much we can vlog being there for the birth of his son, dude or daughter. They don’t know what it is either we’re about to go there right now, i’m nervous i’ve, never seen a child anymore. I know i don’t want to throw up i’ve heard they poop the baby’s going to come out like Music, a little beard, a little beard and braided hair it’s gon na start hissing scurry away. We got really good doctors with us. You got a healthy baby inside of you. This is gon na, be so good, you’re, fine baby. Just squeeze me. Okay, all right, i don’t know you’ve been at this for about an hour now we got ta. I just need you to push okay you’re doing so good babe driving him. I got her, i got it. Give me another good push. I know it hurts. I know come on baby. I know yeah baby he’s all right here. He comes oh you’re doing so. Oh just like that they go out your son he’s, so good baby. Just so good, oh it’s twins, you actually pop the buttons off Applause. We’Ve been having a little bit of a stray cat problem.

I think we found him right here in the bush. Is another one come here kitty Laughter, so we’re going to take him to the dog park, got a little pov monitor here and we’ll got a camera here, so we can watch where we’re going and uh we’ll record it too. Dogs are gon na freak Music aah. Oh, my goodness it’s so fast, Music, i’m, so entertained right, Music Applause, Music, keep it going watch out, it’s a bobcat they’re, not very friendly. How fast it goes. I watch holy crap, wow, that’s, amazing. Yes, oh watch out man. Those bobcats are dangerous. Music dude! This is the funnest thing we’ve done in a while dude holy cow i’m, so freaking entertained dude, oh my god that one dog wouldn’t stop chasing it. The owners were cool about it too yeah. That was really enjoyable like the one guy was like. This is cool. You guys are going to be vital for that one that was so fun. Dude there’s a gar over there yeah. So when we were kids, we always thought garfish, weren’t, really good eating, and then my dad lived in the woods and uh that’s what yeah it’s one of his favorite foods. He here get out. I’Ll catch you, you want to be comfortable, yeah go run down there. Yeah go right: babe yeah, your hat’s ready ready. You should be there and try to run away from just jumping the pot in the ditch Applause that water’s so nasty.

This is gon na, be so much that’s pretty good. I thought he was naked. I forgot about that. Oh he didn’t even hit it. I thought he did. Oh dude it’s a full birthing pool, Laughter, it’s, so red it is all right, holy cow. Can you tell me your name what’s your name? I’M ross what’s up bro. My name is pleasure to meet you, you got to put it up Laughter. Can you tell i haven’t gone through puberty, yet i’m? Still a 12 year old boy, hey, we got another hole right there for you, hey man, my head. First, i like this idea. You just put it in the trusses right. Oh thanks. I think so, i’m glad you don’t put it in the driveway yeah. We tried that this already fell off. I fell through the top here. Are you sure you want to repair this? Maybe like keep it like? We might have to bust through it again, so we need it repaired. Our mischief and shenanigans have been interrupted. Please hold we’ll be back momentarily. This is the season where we got ta. Think of all the ideas to do inside stores or like at our house, because it freaking rains all the time. Oh we got ta go, get them Laughter.