This is our latest project. We picked this tank chassis up off been good I’m. Thirty, five Australian dollars, which came with the gearboxes in the motives we’ve then fitted it up with a couple of cheap, speak controllers from there as well. About ten dollars a pop and mounted up our hobbyking sex channel radio gear, and then we ended up making a couple, little magnet posts for the body it was designed up, which we’ll show you in a second and then we’ve also gone through a painted the wheels Paired them at silver and then we’ll have applied GLX dog products. It’S. A rust paint which we’ve used on in hot rods before because of quite a nice for us to fix, is actually got iron paint in it. So it actually gives real rust to it, and over time it gets darker gets lighter, depends on the humidity it’s, constantly changing giving us a bit of a run and it’s it’s been okay and the biggest issue we’ve had is their tracks actually popping off because, of Course, he’s not really much meeting here, part of them on, so we may look at designing something. That’S gon na hold a little bit better and also sort of holding these little nubbins and today for drive wheel, because at the moment, they’re really only there for a guide where we could also put extra drive gears inside there. So that’s going to pick up off there and give it a bit of bit of drive but then again 35.

You can’t expect too much. These are the batteries we picked up from hobbyking we’re running dual batteries, we’re running dual air C’s. We could have run two together, but we actually run. One runs one speaker old one runs the other. These both fit perfectly inside the bottom battery tray, which was there they’re just at OS 150 milli, amp Peck. Nothing too fancy they’re about nine dollars, each nice and cheap. You know if you break one cheap throwaway get another one. This is the body here we got this design a thingy. This I’ll link in the description for that we modified it a bit. So we could open open out here for the tracks and fix up a few little issues that were on there miss yourself. We also shortened it we’ve, also designed up these mirrors and at the you could actually snap their piece out there cuz. It was quite fun because, of course, we have to scale this down a little bit as well to suit you’ve, also put in put on some lights and then once again, maintenance make the post a couple of three more screws in here which help locate it into The center and, of course, the light wiring we’ve, all sort of epoxy did it down to the tricks. Don’T grab it and wrap it up. So far as from surrounding field good, I mean into the day design to look cool as well. I mean 35 tanktricks once again, though I you know it was an experience to perform amazing, but they’ve performed pretty well.

The stuff we’ve been sort of running it on it’s, probably a little bit in terms of scales, probably a little bit overkill. You know running it up rivers and up big Hills, but we’re gon na try find some flatter surfaces to run it on once we’ve done the changes to the tank tracks that we’re looking at doing so yeah it’s kind of pretty good Iran seems to be loving. It come on Seguin and the bodies being 3d printed, and you can see here’s a copper, filament, silk, copper from extra on 3d here in Australia and then we’ve layered up a couple of different colors of paint. These are grazing nearly some purples and blacks and browns, and also the Russ paint which you can starts to see it sort of starting to come through all the different layers. Now I start to get a really cool fix. You know once again, this rust paint everyday. You look at this it’s changing it’s, constantly changing color the shades and roasting fur. You can see the beads rusted up nice. We use a little bit of rock salt on there as well to sort of give it a little bit of texture like it’s bubbling out for the paint which it’s worked great and I’m pretty happy with it. We did break a little bit off the back. You can see him just fix it up here, I’m constantly dragging on the rocks, for it was bashing a little bit harder than what I should have but it’s.

What it’s designed to do so yeah here’s, some more videos are running. If you guys want to pick up any of the parts, I’ve link, everything in the description I’ll also upload this body file. To think of this, if you want to, you know, do something similar like I said it was a body off portal, Thingiverse chopped it and sort of just tweaked it up to work for what I wanted to do, made the holes for the lights front and rear, And then yeah it’s come together very well, so I hope you guys enjoy the video don’t forget to like subscribe to the channel. It will help us build more or are these sort of things in the future. So yeah hope you guys have a good name. Applause. Applause.