Of course, hi I’m Laurie from ttpm here with the remote control machines, custom, cars kit from Thames amp Kosmos. This kit comes with 260 pieces that let young engineers ages 8, not build. 10 different RC cars, one at a time while experimenting with gear ratios, wheels and chassis designs. We built the sleek race car plus, once kids build a model, they can use the included remote control to send their newly created car in motion. There’S, an 80 page full color manual that walks kids through each of the 10 builds or, as the kit calls them experiments. The manual also includes information on the physics of cars, how different parts of cars work and the evolution of cars throughout history to give kids some real world explanations for what they’re building is a toy. It took us 40 minutes to put together the race car and the instructions were. Okay, parts were a little complicated and we didn’t think our cars stay together. Very well. You’Ll need three double a and two triple A batteries which are not included. Kids. There were fans of driving RC cars were like they can control an RC vehicle plus nine more that they actually built themselves. This is a fun stem kit that emerges RC car play with construction play all will introducing kids to how cars work and the science and engineering that goes into making a car. This hands on kit also proves to kids that science can be fun for where to buy in current prices, visit ttpm and subscribe to our YouTube channels for more reviews.