This is particularly advantageous in case of especially narrow parking spaces, for example, where there is very little room for getting in or out when doing this. The driver is not seated in the vehicle, but instead steers the manoeuvre from the outside, assisted by the BMW display key with the BMW display. Key the engine can be started in the direction of travel selected. The vehicle can be moved approximately 1.5 times its own length forward or backward. The speed is roughly 1 mile per hour. Various ultrasound, sensors and cameras serve to survey the parking situation. If the ultrasound sensors recognize the end of the parking space, the system assists by automatically stopping the vehicle. Nevertheless, the vehicle operator remains responsible for the entire parking procedure in case of obstacles actively stop the vehicle by releasing the button on the side of the BMW display. Key with the help of the system, parking procedures and tight parking spaces become easier to handle, for example, in garages or public parking lots.