We have also reviewed the red color Now it’s the silver color turn Hello. Friends. Welcome back to our channel quotVideo Langganankuquot.. Have you watched these two cars For those who haven’t watch check, link in the description, And now we will review the last color SILVER From look? The look of this color is really cool. Let’S see for the original This it The silver one. The specifications of the toys are the same as before and now we will go for unboxing, the silver color, and indeed, when open the box. It is much better yes for the color. Well, here we have the love letters You can read, because there are tips for this toy to be cared well. Let’S play guessing at the beginning of this video. For the physical side of this car is more similar to the yellow car or the red car. Yesterday, friends Find the answer in the middle of this video.: There is a remote control batteries chargers. Two batteries are not included., Then there is the car unit. Okay. The answer to our question is physically similar to this red one because from the tail we can already see that for silver one, it is very similar to red color. And for the overall aspect, is it really the same and the answer is YES.. The only difference is the yellow, color friends, But for this toy, the design is only for these three colors friends. Let’S just put the battery in the remote control, so we can play And for the car we insert the special battery that is already available in the toy set with this car.

To play. This toy don’t forget to activate the quotONquot button right here For the remote control. The center button is activated to open close the car door and tail. Then this one button is activated to go forward and backward. Then this button is to turn left and right. As usual for the spotlight of the car can only turn on when we go forward friends and when we go backward, the spotlight will not turn on For physical aspect and also design. Look is very similar with the red car. Yesterday, friends, Now we see more close up. For the inside of the car is like this friends. The design look is really like the original car, very, very good details For the lightning part inside too same with the red one. It is in the middle.. Then the mirror looks like this. Hahaha, .. There’s no mirror guys. The rear engine of the car is the same shape as the red car yesterday For look at the back of the car it’s really sporty guys For the tail and also the door of this car. We can’t put it down manually guys., Because this will be damaged if we force it, so it can only be raised down by pressing on the remote control For the lightning in the car is, in the middle guys, it’s a bit difficult for us to shoot. The lamp because it is awkward with the car door., So we just need to know the lightning of the car is in the middle guys.

Now we will see the physically of this car more close up again For the physical side and overall, it really looks like 100., Only different in the color guys, which is really different. It is in this yellow, color guys. I don’t know why it must be designed differently, or indeed this is the uniqueness of the design of these three cars guys So for the remote control toy car review. There are three colors guys, but the type of car is only two Enjoy our video right. Don’T forget to leave the button and also support us by subscribing and pressing the bell button. This one button is played for cars, forwards and backwards. Tthe right button is to move left and also right And the middle one.. This is a special button to move up and down the car door and tail. Thank you for watching.