It comes with four wheels four motors right here. All these are four motors. We have these two boxes and they have anything inside. So this is the first box, I’m gon na open these box and we’re going to open this box and check what’s inside there yeah the delivery they’ve started to open this box. So here it is so we have all these items inside this box now let’s check this box. Okay, now you have all the items you comes with like this. We have these nails that and these wooden lines, and these little small meals, hey so have this morning, like it’s like spinning motor thing we attach now you have this big board, two of them they’re stuck together. We have to work them and you’re stuck together controller, where you can control the car, and this is just two wheels and Andrew let’s squish it that you can squish. You have this wire connected to it and just plug this there, any others put huh get on the base. Okay, now we’re gon na assembling this whole car. So now, we’re gon na put the top lid battery that we use for this, and it fits perfectly well got ta talk now. Did this thing will start blinking and get neon so now we’re just going to go to our phone? For you know we have cartoons and all those so now we’re gon na click, what we have yeah now we have this so now, we’re gon na connect the Bluetooth to it.

So we click on that guy. So this one be to.