It operates with an easy push. Button key fob: Oh for open C. For close, it even has a button to turn on the LED light bank that times off after three minutes, so it can’t kill your battery the tailgate and the cover will operate independently of each other. So if you want to just open your tailgate, you can do that or if you want to just open your cover, you can do that as well with your tailgate, lock, the cargo in your bed will be more secure than if it was in the cab. The front the back flush, look and the black gloss finish are fit for any show truck, but don’t think is delicate. In fact, each of these slaps is a double wall, reinforced aluminum construction to give it a 500 pound weight rating they’re, simply not a stronger retractable cover on the market. The powertrax pro glides easily on maintenance, free, sealed ball bearings, so you’ll never have to lubricate rails.