But it is also authoring, so it comes out with uh drift tire or if you want to play a terrain, you just need to change the wheel into the towing tires. Okay, so here is the log of the flying fish. Okay, so first uh let’s check out the wheel um like i said he comes with a drift tire and you can see uh it’s a actually pretty looking good. So i choose a copy of r34 and, as you can see the button they don’t have listings to use the or to decimate the real one. So this one is copy and for me i think the body is slow cool, but it a bit ugly for me safely. It’S copy and my my shell is come out with the light one, as you can see here is the led okay. So on the inside, you can see a light switch button, so you can just simply turn off or turn on if you want to use that or did not want to use the light. So here is the sushi that you need to pluck it into the visible, and so here is the inside of it. This one is a brush version and it comes with a nickel battery. So actually the electronic is a splash proof. This is brush mustard and this one is a asc. It supports up to it’s about to 2s only so this is bashimoto, so actually it’s a touring body, and only only the different from hsp touring, and this one is just the tire – and i say it comes up with an imh battery.

So here is the battery plug. So here is the battery is a 2000 mah, so actually that will be sufficient enough, so the server is waterproof and the inside i say it supports lippo to add two up into 3s lipo, but actually it is not recommended to play 3s and of course, it’s. Not recommended to play more than 3s, so overall, the chassis is pretty nice. Okay, so, as you can see, here is the charger. It does come with the charger and here the connector of an image. So the battery slot is actually for nmih. If you want to use the label, you need to modify so we already pluck and just reminder. This is actually a pretty basic uh, pretty basic cases good and suitable for the beginner, but most likely it is one of the most visceral cases uh. What i’m trying to say is most people are too easy to get boring with. This is chases basic and it also is cheap. The quality in for me is actually pretty good, but some of veterans may prefer uh more high class chases and for me actually, these frying fish does not perform well on the wave, because first it is actually a four wheel drive and it is also storing chassis. So the setup of setting settings from stock most likely into for storing and not for drift and, as you can see, they still not pretty well, it doesn’t have a much still much anger of the skill so yeah it is a entry for empty for drift.

I would not like to say a good entry kit for beginner, but it is pretty decent, so you will need to modify a bit on your chassis if you would like to use this for a long time, so let’s try plug this like likes. So here is how the car look with the light on it’s, a pretty cool. Actually um me it’s, a kind of beautiful. So here is the sticker. I did not put the sticker into the shell because, for me, it’s a pretty limb and pretty ugly just check out this. This is a copy. It just use a name of velo instead of nissan and look for me. This sticker is actually very, very ugly, like i say it kind of ugly, but when you’re using a led light that is kind of a bit cool and i what the thing that i really like about the shell is the car uh i mean the the color. I pretty like this green color because look cool, so here is the manual. You can also look on this paper catalog here. It does also come with a windshield and also the middle side. Mirror here is some the spare part as well, and it also comes with the antenna, stick and also the binding lane. So here is the transmitter. It’S a fly sky transmitter and it does come with 2.4 jz and here of the basic tune for your car, is actually pretty nice.

So, like i say, the steering uh kind of pretty disappoint because, like i say, the chassis is actually based on the storing. So you need to modify your stereo angle if you would like to use this cases for long, but i don’t, i don’t, recommend to use it long. I recommend you to get a professional drift kit if you would like to use drive chassis for the long time. I mean long period overall that’s all let’s check out. How does this this school go so Music, so Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music? So hey guys, thank you for watching my video to support me press the subscribe button and press the like button.