5 classic edition, which is the standard edition for the current drift art series. This one is sent to me by reef art itself and he is kind enough to pre build it for me, and here it is. I appreciate your test drive. I think i will um. He just did that so uh because im quite busy, so i dont have time to build another car. So he just did it for me and i can go straight to test driver immediately and oh. He also gave me the servo, which is really nice, because uh ive just ran out, and i dont have any servo to use right now in this video were gon na see. Why is it so good, and why is everyone recommending it im gon na, have to find something to cut the car out, but before that lets see what do we have? We have the car which is pre built, of course, and then all the parts are also included with the tools as well. So we have linkages about caps, screws, another surface horn, some other plates and all the springs. Another great thing about drift art is that it comes with all the spring, so you can tune the car very very easily without having to buy anything else and uh. Oh, he built the front and rear bumper with it. Ill have to take this out because i use miniature body, and these are for the 124 scales, so we can use the magnet to mount the body so ill have to check them out later cut this down as well, and here is the car.

The first thing youre gon na notice is the steering angle is insane it can go from there to there just almost parallel with a little bit of acumen, which is really really good for drifting lets. Uh. Take a look more at the front. Youre gon na see the arrangement its a little bit different from the other car because it comes in this triangle, shape which makes the front suspension really stable, so it doesnt wobble like other cars, which is really really good. The steering is pretty simple. It is the linkages, goes directly on the servo horn, but thats a trick. The servo tilt it a little bit forward and we can tune the toe out the acumen, everything really easily by tilting the servo and moving it forward and backward. And then, if you take a look at the front, shocks, youre gon na see that it is really soft, and this is the softest suspension ever on 1, 2, 28 and 1 2 24 scale, which makes the weight transfer really pronounced. Now. Moving on to the middle of the car, the wheelbase is adjustable by just uh, losing these two screws and then you can slide it forward and backward and youre gon na have to adjust the body mounting as well. So you can slide that and you can slide almost everything on the car. Moving on to the motor mount youre gon na see that it can adjust the center of gravity really really easily by just loosening these two screws, and then we can lift it up or slide it back down to adjust the center of gravity.

So if we leave it up like that, you can see that we can slide the wheelbase back in really really far that and then just like that – and this is the shortest wheelbase. The shortest wheelbase is 86 millimeter and the longest as you can see, this car is highly customizable. You can okay, so take that out move that of the way, and we can also move that out to make the car really really long. But if we keep it like that, it is going to be 102 and a half millimeter. Still, we can make it even longer by removing the cyclips holder if we move that out, it can go like that which is insane and the wheelbase is now 1233, and this is the longest wheelbase you can use. Lets put everything back together because im gon na use it with 94 millimeter wheelbase with mini z body, so im going to need this cyclist mount moving on to the back the gearbox. As you can see, it uses the belt drive system, which is really smooth and really quiet. Another great thing about drift art is that you can adjust everything without buying any extra parts. If you want to adjust the rear toe, you loosen these two screws and then you can move the arms in and out to adjust the toe, because i dont want to ruin the setup he did for me. Im gon na show you using my brief r 2.

0. If you want to adjust the rear tool, you just loosen these two screws and then you push the arms. However, you like hold them, and then you tighten the screws back in just like that. It is really easy to tune this car and if you take a look at the shock tower, you can see that it has a lot of holes, that you can fine tune the car very very easily so because im gon na use it with this body. Im gon na remove these front and rear mounts. Oh and now we can see the rear suspension more clearly. The setup is much different than other cars. Youll see that it has uh this pole coming up coming out from the top, and you can adjust pretty much everything from right, high and droop. Everything from here you can adjust how high the suspension is by turning this one, and you can adjust how much it goes back down by this screw and it has a lot of adjustability. You can do and then in the front, im gon na remove this. As always with this car youre gon na have to provide your own wheels and electronics youre gon na need. The mini z or wheel drive wheels like this after the motor esc and gyro im gon na take them from my 2.0 and move them to my 2.5. Okay, so thats too tight perfect at this angle. Youre gon na see that this car is really really bouncy.

You can pull it up and the wheels are gon na follow and then put it back on like that and with the body on you can see that the weight plays a huge role in this car and heres. How to put the front lip on this? Car comes with the custom front lip, so we can adjust how high we want it to be and how far forward we want it to be, which is really really good and thats. The front lip i forgot to mention you can adjust camber toe culture and front with very, very easily campbell are with these two arms cluster. I think two two are these and this one and this one and the front width can be adjusted with the two lower arms and two upper arms, as well as the camber. So we can screw these two in further and we can get the narrow chassis at the back. It is narrow and standard, but there are upgrade parts if you want to make it a wide chassis. With a 1.5 millimeter offset narrow, wheels, youre gon na get 68.5 millimeter width. Well, since it comes as a y chassis lets, not change the settings and go with a white car as well. Instead of the skyline that i was going to use, lets go with the subaru impreza, which is a white car, and it should go on this car really well and just to show you how soft the suspension is.

This is all the electronics installed. Take a look at the back itll just drop down like that. It is how soft it is, but the front the front is a little bit harder. So what can we do when it is like this? It is easy. We cannot just this to lengthen the shaft like that, and it is going to come up a little bit, so we have to adjust the other side as well. It is better to use the plastic tools, so we dont scratch it and just like that, we increase the right height. If it is not enough, we gon na do it more. So when we put the body on it is going to drop down even more. Unfortunately, the wheels dont clear the body that well so im gon na change it to something else, with zero millimeter offset and round tires Music, so Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music. In conclusion, the 2.0 was already very good, and the 2.5 is even better with better linkages that you can adjust easier and better steering angle. It is very easy to drive. Unfortunately, it is pretty difficult to get hold of, especially if you are in europe. If you are in asia and america, there are many many distributors that you can buy from and also in the uk. But if you are in europe it is pretty difficult to get one without a massive import tax. But anyway, i have the link to all the distributors in the description below well whats.

Next, for this car im gon na try and tune it to 90 millimeter wheelbase with narrow front.