This is Jessica from tech, tech and today we’re going to review the flipper universal remote control. So the remote itself is extremely lightweight, as you can probably see here and is made of plastic. That is very functional and has a super simple designs of six main buttons. With a slide panel closed, you have your power button at the top, your channel buttons volume, control and mute button and to use your remote. It just requires two triple A batteries and when you slide the panel open here, you have your basic keypad for entering channels and where this is also where you had programmed the remote for your devices. It is designed to control two devices. Typically, your TV and your cable box, satellite or DTV box flipper remote, has a nice channel on YouTube that demonstrates on how to set up your remote, their YouTube channel simply called flipper remote just like their product, and they feature many helpful videos on how to program And use the remote flipper has a decent sized list of devices they support as well. You can find this list on their support section of their website. They have simple four digit codes to program to your specific device, so the setup process does not really involve any heavy or annoying programming, simply locate your code and if you’re programming in your TV, for instance, hold TV on your remote until the green light blinks enter The code and you’re good to go.

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