This is a review of theory, Tech, cyclos, brushless, sensored, ESC and hellfire motor for 120th and 124th scale RC car. First of all, I would like to thank furytek for sending me this kit for a review. If you are interested, the list of Distributors is in the description now lets begin. Music, free Tech packaging is really good. Everything comes in a bag like this, then the ELC is in a plastic box with a silica gel packet to protect it from the moisture. The motor packaging is pretty standard, just a paper box, but it has a slot to hold the motor, so it wont move around. So everything is well protected during the transportation and delivery Music. This icos ESC is smaller than the momentum, but it is a little bit bigger than the extra text wave and M rotten. The Bluetooth module is also smaller than the previous version. Unfortunately, the sensor, cable and the signal cable are pretty hard and they dont bend easily. The cables on the momentum were much softer and easier to manage around the car. This is not a big problem, but I just want to let you know the battery plug that it comes with. Is the ltps two millimeter pitch, which is standard for 128th scale, but you can change it to anything. You like Ill change, this connector to jstx, so I can use any battery. You can also change it to xt30 or jst rcy. If you want Music, the Hellfire motor is a 130 brushless sensored motor.

The sensor Port is the same size as insertech. It also has vents to help with the cooling. There are also screws to hold the bottom cap, so it wont accidentally come off. This is a really good design. The rotor feels really smooth. There are three care Wheels to choose from 4500, 5500 and 7500. What I have here is the 5500 KV. There are four colors to choose from black blue gold and purple for both ESC and mortar. So you can match the color to the Chelsea or the color scheme of your car Music. The ESC comes like this, so youll have to solder it to the motor before you can use, make sure to solder the correct wires to the motor. This is a system with sensor, so you cant swap the wires. Otherwise it wont work. So you can only solder a to a b to B and C to C only. You can also use a plug if you want but Ill solder, it directly to the motor. The soldering is more difficult than usual because of the sense support. Youll have to be extra, careful, not to touch or melt the port while soldering. Also, please beware: if anything falls into the motor, otherwise itll be a disaster. When you try to run it. Music youll have to calibrate it before use, which can be done via the fury car app or you can do it without the app as well. I have a tutorial video for that.

The link is in the description also dont forget to update the firmware. In fact check it regularly, because Fury Tech continuously updated to fix box and add more features Music. So how is it well? It is as smooth as any other sensor system and the starting speed on this. One is a little bit lower than the others foreign, not just that, but you can also enable the low speed mode which can make the car crawl literally and because of the app you can set the throttle curve easily. It also has boost and turbo and heres the best bit about Theory, Tech. You can adjust the settings on the app and itll take effect immediately, no need to restart the ESC. This makes the fine tuning a breeze. Foreign piece is the real time Telemetry. Well, its not like youll be looking at it while driving, but its nice to have anyway. The cyclos doesnt have the battery leak problem, like the momentum now youll have to press or hold the button to turn it on or off. Here I left it plugged in for an hour, and the voltage Remains the Same. So no need to worry if you forget to unplug it after use. Comparing to my other sensored escs, I have to say it feels similar to the insert x3fw. The photo response is smooth and responsive and thats. How I like to drive Music Applause. If you want more Punchy and harsh feeling, the imradon ESC with dxr motor is what you want Music, so which one should you get between this one and the momentum? The throttle control on the Cycles is a little bit more precise than the momentum, which is sensorless.

The response feels the same, and almost all the features are the same. The main difference is when the low speed mode is turned off. The cyclos has a smoother start. Otherwise, if the low speed mode is on, they are the same. The momentum costs 84.99 without shipping, which is already expensive. The circles is 99.99, so just another 15 more and the ESC. Without Bluetooth, module is 89.99, which is a standard price for censored ESC. But if you get it without the aluminum kit, it is 69.99, which is the cheapest micro, sensored ESC right now, so its the Cycles worth the higher price and the extra wires. If you are just a hobbyist and play this only for fun Ill have to say no, not really. The momentum offers everything you need already well, its only 15 dollars more and you can use it without the sunset mortar. So if you consider a future upgrade its a good price, however, if we look at the version without the aluminum case sure the cooling wont be as good, but its practically a bargain. If you are into competitive wrestling and you need to squeeze every bit of performance out of your car, then yes, the cyclos will give you the edge the Hellfire mortar costs 54.99, which is a normal price for a sensored 130 motor, and it is really smooth with Good design, so I highly recommend it and thats it for this video please subscribe if you want to see more content like this and click the Bell icon to get the notification.