I am super excited to take a look at this car here. This rc car is a 116 scale. The company that sells this send it to me to test out ive recently bought a couple of my own, and i wanted to try some different ones on a different scale. So uh. They were nice enough to send me this and asked me to do a review on it. So lets open it up and see what weve got in the box here open it up. The first thing were going to pull out here. Is the controller so lets see? Whats in there we have our controller, and our charger with some extra cotter pins in here lets get a look at this car, so the other ones i had are a 110, so theyre bigger 110 scale. This is 116, but this one boasts some serious speed compared to the other ones. Im gon na just hit a couple of key points here on the back of this thing. Lets see here lights, pretty bad for me, so uh see its a brushed motor uh speeds up to 36 kilometers per hour, uh scale 116. Up to 60 meter remote range thats about 200 feet. Rubber tires, sealed ball, bearings four wheel, independent suspension system frequency 2.4. It says stuck protection. I dont know what that is. Uh charging pressure limiting protection over discharge protection. Uh lets see theres two, i believe theres two batteries in here the remote control needs three double a batteries which are not included, and this one actually says for 14 year olds and up so ive got the other.

One said they were good for uh for eight year olds, so im not sure what the difference is there. This one has lets see steering trim. So the one thing this one doesnt have that the others had was ability to reduce the speed. So i dont know if thats part of the the age thing is that uh theres an expectation that theres some some learning uh that comes into play there so lets. Take the car out here, get the boxes out of the way, see what weve got so theres. These little cotter cotter pins on top hard to see little tiny things that come out. This is what holds the plastic top on here, so theres, four of those take those off lift off the uh, the shell and uh. I havent had an rc car in over 30 years, uh, so pretty impressed with what im seeing here on these that they uh um. You know these are not going to break theyre, pretty indestructible. I would, i would say so lets see here. Let me get something to cut that, so the battery is uh fastened down the car was too. I opened it up once just to get some of this stuff. Out of the way i didnt realize i hadnt actually been into the car yet so uh. There is a velcro strap here, holding down one battery thats already installed and then a second battery, and i believe this said it had about 12 minutes of run time on each battery.

So you got about 25 hours 25 minutes of play between the two, so 7.4 volt lithium ion battery pretty pretty standard for these cars, so uh good suspension. Here everything looks good on that. I cant wait to do that. Looks like its got: some lights, uh thatll, light up on the front and uh were gon na get this baby charged up. Give it a give it a run. This one is not uh a gift, so were gon na. Take this one out and uh and test it out so once we have it charged up well, do that stick around all right! So lets give this guy a try. There is a power button right here and uh. You want to power up the car before you power up the uh remote, so were gon na push that and theres actually led headlights, so those are now on. So i know that the car is on so put that down power up here: Music, oh Music, up Music is Music.