I would give it five stars, though Music. I bought this because i destroyed my last remote from constantly dropping my keys with my remote attached. This cover is the perfect fit. People complained in other reviews about it being hard to slide the remote in i had no problem, it is nice and snug and protects the remote perfectly. I would highly recommend this to anyone. I only needed the battery cover but found this now. I have the needed battery cover, as well as the additional protection perfect protects remote from damage wish. These were available three remotes ago Music. It works and protects my remote Music. I bought it for my remote to my 5303v it’s, not a exact fit, as the picture shows. The remote buttons are square, whereas the cover has round but still fit, as it could and doesn’t make a difference, but still it’s serving its purpose. Great idea, because i am on my fourth key fob and have broken each one from dropping it on the pavement. This seems to be the solution, but the only thing i don’t like is that it is rubber and really tight and hard to take off. When you have to change the batteries, you have to be really strong to pull the rubber off the fob. I just got a new fob, so i haven’t had to change the battery yet, but putting the rubber guard was hard, but it sure does protect the key fob from breaking great idea, Music.

So far, so good fitted perfectly on my remote hope. It lasts and protects, as it should only issue is that it gets a lot of fluff from clothes but that’s.