The website provides clear instructions. The fobs themselves are very light with clicky buttons that have a little less give than the oem key fobs. Overall, the materials don’t feel quite as high quality as oem, but considering the price. I am more than satisfied with my purchase. The steelers shipped water dollar, 120, plus for a new key and keep up cut and program. I bought an accompanying key for my 2000 sample asymptox z. Ninety zero keyless to go new on cut replacement 80 bit transponder ignition car key h, 92 h84 h85, which lows cut for free and did it all myself for less than 20 dollars totally satisfied with the product you can order it without any worries and programming is Very easy watch a youtube video then do it 10 seconds of work purchase to use 2003 ford focus zx 5 4 years ago, with a single key. Never knowing the car was set up for remote keyless entry. I read the compatibility list and the reviews and decided to give it a shot. Glad i did the setup slash programming was very easy and the remotes work perfectly locks unlocks and activates the alarm. The only issue i have is with opening the back hatch, but i believe, it’s an issue with my car and not the remotes themselves inside the car. I can hear the button activating something but the hash just doesn’t pop open. These remotes are worth way more than what i paid for them.

As i have left my keys locked inside the car once before, and having only one key, i had to call aaa crossed out one of three cries for help. An extra key for my car is roughly dollar fifty plus, since there is a chip inside and it needs programming. While i will end up needing to make an extra key someday for now, i no longer have to worry excessively about leaving my keys inside the car. Having the spare remote at home that plus the neatness of remote keyless entry is priceless, it works perfectly and fast programming, mustang, v6, 2003 at some point: a plastic loop that holds the remote to a keychain broke and i did not feel like paying dealer prices to Replace it so i gave these a try. I only needed one but good to have a spare for the future. The oem parts still seemed better built, but these were good enough. It was so well matched that i even chose to reuse an oem circuit board to save myself time on programming the remotes which worked out well. Unfortunately, as a result, i never had a chance to test the quality of the new circuit board performance. Still, i gave it a five star for i needed perfect replacement works, just as it should and came really fast, excellent price, excellent product and extremely easy to set up. This is not a paid review. You go to their website and they have several instructions on how to program your key fobs.