This was an easy, install and nearly identical to the oem part note this product is just the plastic shell and not the actual electronic remote. I ordered this for my 2005 mercury grand marquis. It was almost exactly as the original and functions perfectly couldn’t be happier. This fob worked surprisingly well. It is a shell to cover a worn fob as long as the inside parts of the original fob are working. You just open the original and place it inside very easy. This is a much better option than paying over 80 bucks to replace the original. It does not do anything by itself great product as advertised, i replaced the housing of my 04 mustang keychain that needed a battery as well. I looked up an instructional video on youtube that showed me how to do it without making any mistakes see my pic below of the new fob wrapped in a jacket on my o2 jaguar s, types original remote, the shell was fine, but the lettering was worn off On the rubber buttons, this new rubber insert fit perfectly in the original jaguar remote.