However, you need to do two steps to program, as i found on another review, the one in the manual told me how to program the ignition lock transponder part turn. First factory key to on for three seconds and turn off within 10 seconds turn the second factory key to on for three seconds and then t ford f250 took to ford dealership to have the key cut and the fob program to the truck. Because i only had one original key, they were able to get the fob programmed, but the remote part did not program after some research it turns out. There is a separate procedure for the remote using the admin key turn the key to the on position and back to the off position eight times and leaving it in the on position. On the eighth turn Music, you will hear the locks in the vehicle cycle next hit. The lock button on the key and the ignition then hit the lock button on the remaining keys. You want to program Music. Their key fob worked. Great did not have any problems program. Fine Music came just as you see them just what we needed as our original key. No longer Music worked, had no issues took it to a locksmith. Both work, no problems, Music. 2012. Ford. F450. I only had one key when i purchased my truck. I accidentally programmed it as a mikey. I bought two of these keys and took the truck to the ford dealer.

They successfully cut and programmed both of these new key fobs cost me 64. total to cut and program. Both everything works properly.