Now i have two new extra fobs and keys for fifty dollars instead of a price of three hundred dollars. The deal ask for one: these do not work on the 07 1 3 silverado. They do work on 14 and up try to save a few bucks over the boost. Auto fobs. They do not program to older models, so my brother in law got a couple of new fobs. The quality is very nice wish they did work. They were slightly nicer than the boost auto fob. I ended up buying, ordered wrong part. These work for newer chevrolet and gmc vehicles, nice product, that doesn’t feel like cheap plastic. Gm remotes are very easy to program Music. I purchased these in place of spending 200 per controller from the dealer. I am very pleased with this product had to get the dealer to program them for 75, for both, but overall, a little over 100 in total to have two key fobs. Working is well worth it. Instead of spending almost 500 at the dealership quality as ehh, but for the price you cannot beat it. Music worked, perfect truck, came with no fobs and saved money by not having to go to a dealership. Locksmiths can program. Also, these worked for my 2016 gmc.