0 brushless truck and here’s what i think of it: Music Applause average iowa guy. For my truck, i removed the receiver that came with it and installed a spectrum receiver so that i can bind it to my controller i’ve. Also added a transponder because i plan to race this tomorrow. This car comes ready made with the dynamite brushless motor and there’s a significant performance difference between this car and one with the brushed motor. I saw a video on youtube where the brushed motor went 14 miles. An hour and this motor got you up to 24 miles an hour. The car comes with a usb charger that just plugs into there and into any usb port. It takes a little while to charge it, but you can also use a regular lipo charger and charge it that way as well. I practice with this car for about an hour on the track, and i have some initial impressions. The first is that the car is very, very squirrely uh at speed, meaning if you do any slight steering at all. The card really really responds very quickly and there’s likely. A couple reasons for that. First, the wheelbase or the distance between the front and rear hubs is very short. Second, the track, which is the distance between the front hubs, is very wide. In fact, the track is almost as wide as the wheelbase on this car. That means that it can respond. Very, very quickly to changes in steering with my transmitter.

I was able to change the curves for steering and also for throttle response to make it a little bit more controllable. The other thing about this car is: it has a fully adjustable suspension. You can adjust the tow, so the direction that the front wheels go and you can also adjust the camber on all four wheels. The first thing i did was adjust the front toe to be straight in line, and i adjusted all four wheels to have a negative one camber. Additionally, i set the ride height by adjusting the shocks both front and rear to 19 millimeters and we’ll, see what that does. The other thing is that these tires probably are better suited to bashing around in your backyard and not really great for a high grip clay track. The front tires are slotted and the rear tires are pinned. These pin tires. I see more often on low grip, um like dirt tracks and other surfaces like that before my race tomorrow, i plan to change out the tires and i’m also adding some shocks. I’Ve also painted a new body, because all these cars are either in this body style or in a standard, yellow red, low c body style that you see on the box like this. So i was concerned that i would have a difficult time telling my car from the other cars on the tracks. I’Ll include some racing footage and some commentary and we’ll see how it goes.

I love this car. I think it’s great. The price point for this was 200 bucks. If you can find the brushless version i’d get it. If not, you can replace the motor that’s in it with the dynamite motor. Those are readily available. Let’S go race, so here’s how i ended up setting up my mini t for racing tonight’s, friday night and it’s, just more or less a fun race. Um i put on the bar tires, i think losing makes these you can just buy them. These were already mounted and i put on the the aluminum shocks and i laid the front shocks down a little bit more. Hopefully, that’ll um help with cornering a little bit uh. It was just a little bit squirrely and uh. I painted the body uh fans of a certain video game may recognize it Music. So, on friday night of racing it was just kind of a practice race for fun and it started with uh one qualifier and then a main on the qualifier. I started in the mini tees in first spot, but i ended up finishing last and uh there’s a reason for that. The problem was, this: screw fell completely out that’s how the motor mounts to the thing here and this one down here was really loose and the slipper clutch uh was too loose, so lock, tight, lock, tight, tighten that up and we’ll test it again. I this is, it was running great.

I was impressed for the finals. I obviously was in the fifth position. I was able to fight my way back and i got second place. I made 11 laps, which is pretty darn good for a little tiny truck like that. The next day was the team associated spring shootout off road and in the first qualifier for mini t, let’s, see how i did. I was in heat two of two and i started in the fourth position, and i ended up in the fourth position, looks like it was uh a decent race for me. So let’s see what happened in qualifier, two something’s wrong with my car it’s, not turning. So in qualifier 2 i was put in at the top of the bottom group of drivers and so let’s see how i did. Third, however, there was a problem uh with my steering and that’s, basically that my steering broke loose. So that put me at second place in the b main and we’ll, see how we did. I ended up finishing second, which is not bad, and i think i was still having some steering issues. I think i mostly got it fixed, though. By that point i couldn’t figure out what was going on and because of that, i bumped to the a mains. So this was my first a main ever and my uh. I had a real bad problem. I’Ll, let you see it all right there you go front spine for the two spike, though 16.

2 seconds, behind Music already Music, but i ended up finishing second to last. Despite my bad problems and a lot of these trucks broke so people, you know people did even less laps than i did so overall. What do i think, i think, it’s a hell of a lot of fun in a small package um, i don’t think it’s probably meant to be raced the way i was racing it over. Like jumps and stuff like that and so um. I had problems that one would expect to have. If you beat on a car that hard so the motor mount came loose, i was able to fix that easily with some loctite. Then i had some issues with the steering servo working loose and i was able to fix that, but then uh in my final race, my a main the uh shock tower broke and i won’t be able to race it until my parts come in. So i have some parts coming and i’ll certainly update you as to the progress of that. Once i get everything you know rebuilt and back to running order, i’ll do another race and i’ll. Show you what i did for upgrades and um show some racing, and you know have a good time anyway. Um thanks a ton for watching um. If you have any questions, ask in the comments, if you have any like advice for me as to what to do with the car, except for throw it in the trash.