Today we will review the car that has been our target for review since the first time Garasi Drift was formed, which is Nissan: Skyline ER34 Uras belonging to Amandio. Yesterday, Ziko reviewed the GTR R34 with a very legendary engine. Now I will review the ER34 with the most legendary body kit in the drifting world. In my opinion, why? Because this body kit was pioneered by one of the D1 drivers, his name is Nomuken or Ken Nomura, who used to be called Saru or monkey in Japanese, and he made a brand in 1996 with the name Uras reverse for Saru. I think the concept is really cool and this is the most out of the box body kit in terms of shape and design. The initial type of Uras body kit for Nissan Skyline ER34 is like this. This is Ken Nomura’s original Nissan Skyline. We have the diecast. I bought it in Japan at the time. This is really a cool design. In my opinion, this may be the forerunner of body kit, design with a wide style, because the side skirts and the rear bumper are a little more out of the body. A little wider – and this is so cool – luckily we’ve – already met Ken Nomura We’ve, taken a photo together at that time. Unfortunately, I brought this diecast, but I didn’t bring a marker to ask for an autograph, even though it’s really cool. If we ask for an autograph on this diecast and my favorite body kit, in my opinion, is the body kit used in this Nissan Skyline.

I can’t find another body kit brand that makes a body kit shape, starting from the bumper over fenders side, skirts rear over fenders that are as aggressive as this. We will review the body kit starting from the front bumper. First, this front bumper has a unique shape because there is one characteristic of Uras that makes it different from other body kits. But this body kit has a wide body option and one that isn’t wide body – and this is the wide body option and what’s even more unique for this wide body. It doesn’t just reach the bumper. Usually, the wide body only reaches the bumper only until here, but if this doesn’t, like that it’s combined with a canard, a kind of canard which makes the shape so aggressive, continue from the canard. It goes into a kind of lips on the front bumper, with these curves, which looks very aesthetic from the side after that. Go up to the middle part. Here the top the holes are really cool too, and on the hood there is also an additional panel that makes the overall front look more aggressive, but this hood is still original and let’s. Look at the most striking part of the body kit design, which is the fenders. Why? Because there are sharp parts like this. This is not an ordinary over fender. This over fender is quite wide by the original. Maybe the width is the same as Rocket Bunny, but this shape is really sharp like this.

That makes the car look like a Gundam, and these bolts also make it more aggressive. I think this is a design that is rarely found in other body kits. What makes this Uras body kit very stand out and continue to the side skirt, which has a sharp shape too, and there is a part of the lips, but this is one part with the main side skirt above it, there is an over fender. That starts from the door, because this is a 4 door car, so let’s see this has 2 over fender one is at the door this whole door, even the part that can be touched is only the top. This is the metal part. The rest is over fenders. All to the front and bottom, but added again with another over fender, which the shape is a combination of a box with a circle shape which is really cool. In my opinion, at the back, there are also two over fenders the first one is the same. It covers almost the entire back panel, but after that there is an over fender again with a round shape like this, but on the back here is the coolest one. If we look at the body lines, it’s really cool because it go up again here continue straight down. What makes there is a really big hole. My hand can enter, which is also very boxy same as the rear. Bumper. There is a kind of two step lips.

It’S very boxy, so the combination of squares and circular lines is really fair. In my opinion, there is a box and there is a circular line that makes it aggressive, and if we look at the rear, there is a diffuser on the rear, a quite big diffuser, which makes the rear look even more like Gundam, also supported by a ducktail Which is really cool? In my opinion, the ducktail is interesting, because this ducktail and spoiler is a bit similar. There is this side too rarely a ducktail like this. Maybe this is a mix between ducktail and spoiler. Speaking of spoilers, there is a roof spoiler here which the shape following the other parts, so the car is very cool with this additional roof spoiler for the wheels. This is the Advan RG2 wheel for this 18quot wheel. It has quite an aggressive offset with a width of 10. This offset is quite out because this is a wide body which is quite far from original fenders it’s, almost the same, but in my opinion, it’s a little less out of the range of 2 cm again and a little less low. But maybe because this is a car that is used quite often for daily use, so maybe this is the safest setup. This may seem like a car that is often used because there are a few chipped parts on the rear, bumper and front bumper. As for the design, this is one of the wheels that I really like I used to have this wheel.

This is a fairly light wheel. Even this is one of the lightest Japanese wheels, because if we check on the back, there is an air pocket which makes the material used in these wheels very little, even though with very strong strength, so strong, but light for the front wheels the same as the Rear wheels Advan RG2 with a width of 10 with 18quot size. I think the offset is the same, because this is the Evo spec. I think it’s taken from Amandio’s, Evo and also wrapped by the same tires with the same size too, which is Achilles 123S. With a very wide width, 275, actually it’s, really wide for the front tire and behind is the original Skyline brake. These are original brakes, but have quite a lot of braking power. There are a lot of these brakes applied in Silvia it’s plug and play too let’s. Just talk about the interior, the interior is very, very much better than the interior of our ER34 because of the condition of these parts are still very smooth. The steering wheel is still very good. The seats are also still original, not retrimed. The seat should be like this, because, if it’s retrimmed it’s not like the Skyline anymore, it’s, not like a Nissan car of this year anymore, because this fabric is very similar to the fabric of the original S15 seat. I think this is really cool and there are so many changes, especially the carbon touches on the panels, and there are additional 3 gauges, which I think are useful too, because it’s nice, the position is perfect.

If we use this car for Track Day or drifting, we can monitor the battery oil temp and boost from the turbo, and this Skyline turned out to have an automatic transmission earlier. It just likes our Skyline, but we have replaced the instrument cluster in our Skyline. Now let’s try to start the car and listen to the sound of the RB25 Neo engine it’s good right. The sound of the RB engine is the best it’s very similar to the sound of our RB engine, but because of this car blow off is still good and it looks like the blow off is using HKS. There is a pretty loud blow off sound let’s, see what the engine looks like like. I said this is RB25 Neo it’s slightly different from the usual RB25 from the various parts. For example, the connecting rod uses the same part as the RB26, so it’s definitely stronger and can withstand high power. After that, the cam profile is also different. The ignition coils also have individual igniters in each coil, so there is no igniter module anymore. If we want to make a wire tuck, it can be really neat. I use the same coil on my RB26 so that it looks neater because for the stock RB26 coil there is an igniter module. That looks really bad when we install it and what looks different from the RB25 is the cover and the horsepower is slightly bigger than the stock RB25, and this engine is one of the best engine choices.

If you want an engine swap in your project, car starting from BMW or Cefiro or whatever the car is, this engine is very interesting because considering the price of 2JZ, which is expensive now this engine is still very affordable. Even the Neo version is only slightly different from the usual one, although there are many changes that we have to make so that the engine is reliable as reliable as the 2JZ engine, and some parts have been changed in this engine, starting from the intercooler piping. This one uses aluminum, which has a good design and the blow off, has also changed to HKS that’s. Why the sound was pretty loud. The blow off sound, really loud. The intercooler is also custom made. The intercooler is quite big, what’s unique about RB, which has an original intake. The direction of the intake and the exhaust are the same so in the piping section, both from the left here. But if we change the intake, we can direct it there, but this is quite efficient in my opinion, because there is a battery over there and there is a fuse box for the front. This is a custom radiator that is quite large in size, with custom fan shroud and a fan that is still original. Actually, this original fan is also really fast because the fan is connected to the engine. The speed is according to engine speed, but the sound is loud that’s. How I feel on my Skyline too, by the way our Skyline is also RB25 Neo, but we don’t have this cover head, so it doesn’t look like the RB25 Neo, and here is one more part.

This is airbox so that it can be cold. Air intake, it’s cool, I think that’s enough for the engine now let’s just try the car it’s complicated to pay tolls. If you use a wide body car anyway driving this car feels very similar to driving Garasi Drift’s Skyline, because maybe the modifications in the performance section are similar starting from the engine and other parts. But it seems more comfortable in this car. Maybe because the interior is neater, in my opinion, the neatness of the interior can really affect the comfortable, so driving this car is more comfortable. Even the feels of the Coilover is very similar. The sitting position and others are also very same it’s, like I’m driving our Skyline. It doesn’t feel like riding someone, else’s Skyline a little story. I grew up watching D1GP when I was still early in love with drifting Nomuken Saru, the owner of Uras, who designed this body kit. At that time he was cool and he’s, one of the first Japanese drifters. I know and I’m a fan of Nomuken and Amandio. Actually bought this body kit directly from him, so when Dio goes to Japan at that time, He immediately bought it and he carried it back home by Dio, crazy right, it’s like a hand, carry body kit. How do you do it? Maybe it’s like bringing a surfboard Nomuken is one of the people who really influenced me to be able to jump into the world of drifting, because I used to be a fan of him and one day, if I have the chance to meet him again, I won’t Forget to bring a marker, because I will ask for a signature on this diecast and before we go back to the garage, I want to run this car one more time.

Rb engine sound is the best overall. This car is one of the most legendary cars in Indonesia because of the body kit and because the population of the Nissan Skyline is really small, even though we have it over there too, and one day, I really want to be able to replace our Skyline body Kit, I don’t want to be like this it’s too big for daily use, but still cool in this car. I want a simpler Uras body kit and the purpose of our review of this car is to quietly move the good parts to our Skyline.