I do have more rc cars, but these are the three that i really wanted to show you so let’s take a closer look at them. So what i’m going to do is i’m going to give you an individual look at each and then we give you an individual review of each and tell you what i like and don’t like about them. So the first car is the bugatti veyron it’s, a really nice car. Overall, i just i’m going to tell you some pros and cons about it. Next, we have the porsche cayman r, also a really nice car in general, so i’m going to tell you some pros and cons about it. Then we have the rc 18t, which is also a really nice car in general. I don’t think i have that many cons about it and there are a lot of pros about it. Let’S get in to the singular comparison guys let’s do the singular review of each of these cars. First, let’s get this big boy out of the way, because this is the last let’s get this bugatti veyra out of the way, because it’s for second and now what we’re doing now is going to be wash came in r. So this push came in. I think it’s generally quite a good car. The only thing that doesn’t do it for me is that it’s not rechargeable. It runs on four double a batteries and that that really doesn’t do it for me, but i’m not terribly irritated with it.

I just don’t like it now. The next thing that doesn’t really do it for me is it’s not that fast, but it’s fast enough for a child to have fun with it. So now what i’m going to do is i’m just going to give you a demonstration of how fast this thing is: let’s just put it on now, let’s get the radio and the radio i’m going to use the same radio for each of these cars, because these Cars all run on the same frequency, which is 27 megahertz, so i got it set up. Let’S do it now, since i’m, holding the camera with one hand, i’m gon na have to drive with one hand, so this might be quite terrible. Driving another thing to mention is the signal on this. Car is not great. The range is also not great, and the controls of this car are quite controlled, but sometimes it might just swing out, but it’s totally fine. So now, let’s just leave that card there and let’s get on to the review of the next car second rc car i’ll be reviewing, is the bugatti veyron? Now, in general, i think this rc car is really nice and what i really love about it is. It has a rechargeable battery not like four double a’s or triple a’s, as you can see the footing for the rechargeable battery now it’s only a 3.6 volt rechargeable battery, but it packs a punch when you’re, accelerating and reversing it’s, not that fast in reverse.

Obviously, but it’s really fast, when it’s accelerating so the thing i love about this car is obviously that it has a rechargeable battery second it’s, really fast. Third, the turning circle is almost amazing and fought. The tires. Don’T have that much grip, so it’s very easy to drift, and now i have a wet surface where i’m going to show you some drifting. So first first, let me just open the bathroom compartment put the battery in there. Okay. So now the battery is fitted cover, switch on switch on now, as i said, i’m using the same receiver i’m using the same radio for all these cars, because all these cars are on the same frequency, which is 27 megahertz on let’s go. So, as you see, you can already hear some wheelspin and then, when i do take off i’m just going to show you guys the wheels with me. You guys the real spin right here, as you can see the wheel spin when it does eventually take off. So yes, that’s real spin and now i’m just going to show you how it rides Music and the range on this is not as bad as the cayman r but it’s, not the best range i’ve ever seen. But i have found it enough to go through my entire backyard. I wouldn’t suggest really going any off road places with this, because it’s really not built for offer it’s built more for speed and a bit of drifting so i’m just going to leave this car down and i’m going to do monster among men, aka, rc18t offroad.

Of course, the last review possible the rc18t – in my words, this just screams monster among men, because this thing is absolutely humongous. There are not many other words to describe how cool this thing is. I can’t even find other words describe how cool this thing is. So let’s start with some pros and cons, so a very much achieved pro would be that it has a rechargeable battery and i’ll. Show you guys that in a second another pro would be it’s it’s all wheel drives, so it makes it much harder to get stuck in mud and sand and high grass and everything in off road conditions, and it makes it much faster and the servo on this Car is not amazingly fast, but i wouldn’t expect it to really be fast, because the front wheels don’t really need to turn that fast. When you doing offered climbing and bashing and all off road stunts. So now guys i’m just going to open up the battery compartment and show you guys. Okay, guys, battery compartment is open and, as you can see, it is really a rechargeable battery. With this fitting here puppy alert, okay, another puppies have left Music. So, basically, for this bugatti the review i did before this one. This is the size battery that went in it a 3.6 volts with this fitting now for this car. This is the battery that’s going to go in it it’s a 7.2 volt battery. With this fitting, the huge difference between the size of these fittings says, let’s just put the battery in and then we’ll take it for a spin and i’ll.

Tell you along the way what i like any more stuff i like and don’t like about it. I think i told you about all the stuff i like and don’t like about it, but if i find or think of anything new i’ll keep you guys updated, let’s just tighten up there and again we are going to be using the same radio because they’re all Around 27 megahertz that’s, the frequency they all work on the same radio, now we’re going to be doing let’s go let’s, switch it on here, Music that’s.