These are real carbon fiber panels by the way and a 3d printed frame, not pla or something that’s going to melt outside it’s abs. So this one is for motorcycle with a sequential gearbox, obviously, which you have down and upshift, and it has only five wires and i do get questions once in a while about the connections. So here we go, the red is always and always positive, and i have here my power supply with 12 volts. Black is always negative around and it’s not turned on yet, and let me show you the startup logo i did for this customer and i think, and he likes it as well. It came out great. I hope it will be in focus. So here is motorcycle. Honda. Obviously – and this was a logo that i created – and it was quite a bit of work because i had to do it pixel by pixel – to be able to get those three colors. So if your motorcycle is not in gear and uh i’m. Sorry, if it’s, not in neutral and left in gear, it will say please select neutral and the neutral color wire is always green as well, because your neutral light is green. So once you touch that to positive, it shows you neutral, and then you have two more wires, so the green wire is neutral and then you have two more wires and these colors will change. Can change because i’m not always having the right colors or the same colors and those are by the way silicon wires, so they’re very thin, but very strong and very flexible.

So, and in this particular case, the yellow wire is for downshift, which you connect, the crown it shifts into the first gear, and then the blue wire is up shift which shifts the gears up, and his motorcycle has six gears. So six is the top, and then you shift down again and if you’re going into neutral neutral, connects to positive 12 volt by the way i’m, not sure if i mentioned it so neutral and again, these two wires are shift and downshift and they connect to ground. You can use micro switches or read switches with magnets, so yellow is a downshift and the blue wire is upshift, so this is practically it. So you have five wires and you can use this on a motorcycle. If you have five gears, i can do it with five or six or seven how many gears you have and i can do custom logos as i shot in many many videos so far. So let me also show you the gps that i built for another customer, and this one is the version with the 1.3 inch all the display, and it also has a carbon fiber front panel, the white frame you see here that’s for the oled display, because it Is vantage between its own pcb and the front, and this is how it looks like it comes with a 200 milliamp battery which lasts about four four and a half hours, and this is the main screen which shows the speed time date.

Satellites received altitude and the heading, and then you have the second screen which shows your latitude longitude and you can save your position. I just showed this in my last video, so i go briefly over it. This is your trip summary, which shows you your distance traveled. Since your last reset satellites received time date and the last screen is the clock screen, which you can switch between 24 hour mode and 12 hour mode plus, you can adjust your time zone. I showed that in the last video as well, i will put a link in the description, so you can watch that. So this is the 1.3 inch oled version, and this little guy fits into a gopro session waterproof case. If you want to use it outside or mount it somewhere or you can put it into an enclosure, so this is it. If you do have any questions, please leave them in the comments, and i will glad to answer you by the way that flickering here is only because i’m recording it in real real world. It doesn’t happen, it’s just steady anyway. This is it thanks for watching, and i also wanted to thank you for supporting me on banggood, with through my affiliate links and on patreon, where you can support me as well, and anything does help thanks a lot and take care.