It is so cheap its like for twenty dollars very, very, very cool. Oh, i love this. The matchbox land rover defender 2020 well see about it in another video, actually, a quick review in this video itself, vlog all right. So i want to review this thing and see how good this thing is. Its only twenty dollars is dirt cheap from walmart, not even twenty. Under twenty dollars, nineteen dollars, ninety seven cents and its four wheel drive with suspension. You see a rear here, theres, not much travel in there. This is very less travel, but somebody expected for twenty dollars – oh oh, my god, and also notice here that youll see the front suspension, work very good, nope theres, no working for suspension. Unfortunately, at least an offering look at that just have to kind of move from the side so because youre pushing around the side so kind of doing the side that shock there kind of bends. Oh my god, look at this im out of articulation theres! Nothing seen in that, oh is um. Oh yeah, i mean this is the truck itself, its very, very cool, very realistic. I like the tire itself. They feel nice quality. I love them as four wheel drive what yeah. So, as the problem is theres no drive cap in which so its got its own motors, like the rear, has its own motors and the front has own motor, so theres no drive shaft going in between so well.

If you want to go over obstacles, then once more is going to struggle, the other one will stop working thats. What happens this is so cool it actually even go went over my leg, which is so surprising guys so anyways lets turn on this truck and see how good this is by. Then. Here is the controller here quickly. Um, you see that all or nothing forward, backward notice that this is the steering here, pretty nice right all or nothing. Control takes two double as and theyre included. Okay, you have to supply your own, so good yeah, look at the articulation thats it Music. Here its got these guys these mirrors, they just broke off one broke by an accident. I intentionally broke this one because i dont like it only one mirror so never mind but anyways, so heres a windshield here you can see in the glass so yeah. I mean its like im, saying that you cannot see this little tiny little crack. You cant, but you cant, see in the video, so anyways all right lets start off this truck, but its rechargeable. So this is how you have to so you open this up and you see that it will bring us see that little green, usb and yeah thats. How you have to find it all right lets quickly, uh run the trap, see how gorgeous so im going to show you guys steering is quite lazy. I dont like this story but lets see the four wheel drive working.

I looked at the partnership earlier notice. This the front one stops earlier than the rare one. Look at this see that okay anyways lets see how this thing was forward.