We are super excited to show you this racing car, and so it does not look like any other car that ive ever seen on the market, as you can tell well just show you this really quick. This is a lot bigger than the average electronic car and the details really speak for themselves. First, off these wheels look at these wheels. They have these little rubber ass rubber, almost like little tubular parts to them. That makes it makes it all terrain, so it doesnt slip um, you can use it out in the snow. You can use it on your floor. You can use it on carpet. Weve done that too. I just really love that these can go anywhere um and i do love the look of this and youll see it later, when my son demos it how it just really glides along the floor. I also really love the effect of this. This lights up here that we will show you in a second, i love this little um flap that it has at the back. I mean it does just really sets the bar for electronic race cars, and so we will turn it on and so how you turn it on theres, an on and off button, so this so now its on, so that beeping made it on okay and right back Here is, there is a battery or you can actually charge it, and so youll just need a port to plug this in and then you could charge it right here, and so you dont even have to use the battery.

You can just make sure its just rechargeable. So this is how you would charge it like. We did and then here is the remote control, theres different, theres different little buttons right here and well. Show you here in a second different features. It has, but i really like the the easy held um remote control, its really easy to hold, especially for little hands like a little boy or little girl, and then it also comes with this. This is actually one of the coolest features of this car as well is theres a little part right here that you flip up and then you can put water in here and then it fogs it literally sprays out water. Ive, never seen this on a remote control. Car – and so liam is going to you – want to press the shoot button so well show you how it yep, so he pressed the shoot button, which is that middle the top middle button right now. It is basically getting ready to shoot and you will be able to see it. The fog come out, no cool pressing itll come out in a second there, you go. How cool is that its so cool? And so, while the kids are driving this car, it literally shoots out fog, one of the coolest features for sure there is a button. There is a button that you can turn the volume on or off, which is really awesome as a parent.

So you want to have that um. If you do want noise or dont want noise, and then there is different aspects on here. This is how you drive it, which ill show you in a second and then theres a left or right, where it scoots left and right again, we will show you here in a second, but i love this toy for them. I love like i said. I love the grip, the remote control. I love the look of the car. I love how it just really helps them with hand, eye coordination as theyre using this control, and it gives them a feature. It gives him a feature that ive never seen a remote control before he has multiple mode controls. Cars and ive never seen it glide across the floor like this one does so we will take a video and you guys can see what im talking about you ready. All right Applause, one characteristic that i love about this remote control car, that my sons, other ones do not have, is speed.