Rc video thanks for clicking in today were going to be looking at the motion. Rc p38 and in todays video were experiencing something thats becoming far too common, so common. In fact, you may have noticed. I made a playlist motion, rc carnage, so to be fair in the review, i really enjoyed the look of the p 38 i enjoyed flying it briefly. In the past, i had the blitz rc p38. You can see it hanging in the rc hanger on the other videos and i really enjoyed flying that one, although it was quite underpowered. This has a four cell battery for each motor that one ran on just a three cell for both motors. So this is a big improvement. The landing gear is a big improvement and the size is a big improvement on the blitz, rc blitz, rc being the things that you get off a banana hobby website. So i ordered the p 38, the f 15 and the f 16 all at the same time from motion. Rc Applause youve seen what happened with the f 15 and the f 16. If not go back and check the channel, the p 38, because of the way they treated me on the f 15, i almost sent it back, but its one of my favorite planes. Since i was a kid and i loved the size – and i thought maybe since its a flight line instead of a free wing like the other two – it might be a little bit better or different quality.

So i decided all right ill. Keep the p38 because im gon na review it thats what i do on the channel if it something bad happens, ill just review that too. So at this point in the flight, ive got it trimmed out its feeling pretty solid time to rip this thing. Applause. Applause! Some of you may have already noticed the landing light. Thats supposed to stay off when the gear is up is on and flashing typical motion, rc quality, so Applause, Music Applause. In my opinion, she really looks great in the air. Its one reason i love the p 38 Applause Applause. This is a pretty great flying plane, its really heavy and even with the wing loading, it still slows down, really really well check out this slow flyby Applause, all right. How about a full throttle? Rip im, gon na, say, thats, probably cruising up to 70 75 miles an hour on a turnigy, 3300, 4s 30c brand new pack never flown before, and its rocking one for each motor Applause, all right. That was a lot of fun. This is actually a pretty nice flying plane and at this point in the review, im pretty happy with their product, but as a im sure, a lot of you tuned in to see motion. Rc carnage ensues so so its a little windy today. Unfortunately, sorry about all the altitude ill be bringing it down here, pretty quick and just as in the last video im sure some of you have noticed that pesky landing light is still on when the gear is up so lets check the invert on this bad boy.

Shall we Applause everything seems to be fine up until right here when i go up to climb a little steeper inverted and then, when i roll it over, you can tell that it goes down at the exact same angle that its coming up when i roll it Over onto its belly and then at the end you hear me say when the camera comes back on out of slow motion. I had nothing, but it appears in the video i did have aileron. You can see it going back and forth as it goes down at a very steep angle or sharp angle. The ailerons are still working as im pulling back on this on the elevator. Stick im toggling a little bit the aileron, so you can see it. Roll left and right a little bit as its going down, so i did still have control see right there. The ailerons are moving the thing thats not moving is the elevator, because the elevator got pinned in that position. Whenever i pulled up and thats what happens, in my opinion, thats the second time ive been kicked in the butt by motion. Rc servos, replace them immediately. Of course, thats. My opinion id love to hear what you all think down in the comments below please post your opinion once again: motion, rc carnage, wang motor part of the cow, oh thats, the nose. I bought three. Ninety dollar receivers from spectrum eight channel for these three motion: rc planes and two of them will hit the ground and, unfortunately, its all due to motion rcs poor quality control.

I hear that doing a giveaway, soon, thats. The only way that i think i would ever own another one of these planes and ill not note im a non sponsored reviewer. So if you would consider to please drop a like and subscribe, i would really appreciate it that would really help the channel.