Now this little thing has a very small camera which connects the uh analog signals to the eachine emax goggles. Now, the idea being that you drive the car and you wear this thing on your head and you get like a first person, video uh driving the car around now, that is when you look at this thing, you think it’s quite cheap. Looking this whole package, with the controller ready to run out of the box, is around 80 to 100 pounds depending on where you get it from, and what package you buy so, whether you buy the goggles with it or just the car blah blah blah now, let’s Have a closer look: let’s have a look at this little car in a bit more detail, so the car, like, i said, is mainly a toy grade car it’s, not a hobby car. It comes with this uh attached camera, which connects fire signal to this guy. Over here now, with the car, like, i said you get a quite basic car, there’s, no front suspension, it’s, just some flimsy plastic at the front. You do get your tyres and your wheels on there. Obviously they’re um just bits of rubber wrapped around the plastic wheels. You have a little bit of suspension at the back now. One of the issues we’ve already noticed with this car is the one of the springs has already vanished, so i’ve ordered some new springs and everything else from banggood you’ve got your little body that goes over.

The top like so now, the other thing is, as this is classed as a almost toy grade car the battery is here, you can take the battery out if you want to, but it’s recommended that you leave it in there. You can even upgrade it as well. To a battery with a bit longer run time on the car, you’ve got your charging port here, just plug in a usb into that to charge. It all comes with that in the box that’s the car, then you have your controller, a pretty basic controller, but again it does a job. You’Ve got your steering trim. You have fully proportional controls, which is great. I think it takes four a8 batteries as well. Then you have your goggles now these goggles are again um at the bottom of the range, but they are perfectly good for this needs of this car. Now, what you do is you get a patchy a battery pack with it and plugged it into the goggles at the top there, like so get a little splash screen, and then you have like 80 style tv looking goggles tuning in once. You turn on the car. The signal is connected and then you have your fpv. You can see me and away. You go basically turn on the controller. Now, obviously, normally you would turn on the controller first and away you go now. I did a little video in the house showing this running around the front room and i hope you like it Music, do thanks for watching guys.

I hope you enjoyed that video. The little car is great little car with the fpv. The value for money is fantastic, so you know check out the links below maybe it’s something you’re interested in now i want to talk to you a little bit about my website: tomstc dot, co, dot. Uk, i put quite a lot of time into this project, so i thought i’d put a website up as well. Now, with my website, it’s, basically, cars, rc cars and the motorcycle side of the things as well. You can separate into two parts, so you don’t even have to look at either or maybe you’re more into rc cars, maybe you’re more into motorcycles, maybe you’re into both. Now i know that tom’s tc is a little bit odd, doing motorcycles and cars and the rc cars, but you know it’s something i enjoy so that’s where this is my outlay. This is my output, for it check out my website. Look at all the articles have a little search around. I really appreciate it in the meantime, if you haven’t done so already and it’s your first time, you’ve seen my channel please subscribe. Please give us a like share us all over the place.