Today we’re going to be talking about the traxxas trx4 land rover defender body. This is the original trx4 made by traxxas is a scale trail crawler and, as you can see, i have made modifications to my personal preference to this rig. This rig comes with portal. Axles 1.9 inch tires is not the original tires and cool accessories. In the back on the inside. You can see this truck has a c channel steel frame like a real car or truck. It has adjustable front and rear individually adjustable shocks and the truck stock was waterproof, but i’ve modified it myself. This is my very first youtube. Video and i’ve made a youtube channel and this truck is going to be in the next youtube video doing some raw crawling and that kind of stuff. So more about the truck. So the truck was made in 2617. Sorry um. The truck was fully waterproof stock. It has a two speed transmission, two two speed transmission, high and low right in here. Let me adjust the camera right there. If you can’t see it it’s right there, where my little finger is old. Two speed adjustable transmission came with a titan. 21 turn brushed motor. This now has a rc4 wheel, drive 45 turn motor. I got a new motor mount for it. Um got a new steering servo a new steering horn, all aluminum, a worn winch. Like i showed you in the beginning and a aluminum steering head, i mean steering servo.

So this truck uh msrp for the price let’s say the price is 445 dollars with tax. I mean, without without tax stock i’ve added a couple hundred dollars for this set to make this my personal beast of rc rig. This is a 110 scale, trail crawler, other cool features of this truck. You have built on fenders inside the body. The body is neck sand, regular rc plastic for bodies, it’s got a top rack and it’s got the jerry, can spare tire and high lift jack land rover defender it’s got a roll cage, a top mount and really cool decals on the front. So let me talk more about the fenders. The fenders, as you can see, are dirty from use the fenders connect or try to connect with this piece of plastic right here and, as you can see, this plate of plastic fits with these fenders right here and i’ll. Show you more about that in a second, these holes right here in the rear bumper go with this little post points. These right here hold the body in place, as you can see, put it on right here. The points line up with the hole and it fits nice and snug to make the body not rattle, which is very, very key when going off road, because it is very annoying these side. Rock sliders also hold the body right in here with this lip right here. So it makes a nice and sturdy rig.

The rig weighs about 10 pounds, it’s a 1 10 scale and it’s pretty awesome, i’ll turn it on and show you the functionality of it so turn it on just go right there like a normal vehicle and they both turn green. When you have the receiver on so that means the truck is on, but the receiver’s not on just turn the receiver on there’s the receiver. So now i want to show you this. There is modes in this esc that is built into this. You have sport mode, race, mode, trail, mode, crawl, mode and beginners mode five modes, and to do that, you take your finger on this little blue button right here. You hold it and on the internet, it uh tells you every time it blinks that’s, a mode it’s. A sport mode, that’s, race mode, that’s, beginner’s mode, trail mode and crawl mode and crawl mode. It has braking in it, so it locks it up. So there’s the board it’s got healed, hold he’ll hold so as you’re going up the hill it’ll lock the motor in place, which will keep the tires locked. I got these tires off amazon. I got this off of amazon. I got the motor off of amazon and i got the steering servo off of a track star. I got the aluminum steering horn off of amazon and i got the 1 1 job of amazon.